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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things to do BEFORE you join FW

It was a slow night last night. So after an abortive attempt at getting a gang going, and not feeling particularly like forming a frigate gang (need to get some different fits to pass out than my standard interceptor style fit Rifters), I headed off to my industrial hub to do some fabrication. As part of this someone mentioned data cores. Light bulb goes off. Hey, I've got a level 4 agents that's been sitting there for quite a while (since just before the start of my entry into FW). Time to go harvest some cores since I'm not feeling especially pew pew-ey tonight.

So I start trucking out to the guy in my prowler. I get about half way there when I suddenly put on the breaks... Wait a sec... F10... "Oh crap". And yes I actualy miss-typed that in militia chat. My research agent was in Caldari space.

People, before joining faction warfare, check the locations of your research agents. If they are in faction space that will consider you KOS, you may, may I say, want to change agents...

Not wanting to possibly lose a prowler to a gate lag incident, I head back and pick up an insured Rifter. Turns out it was a good thing, had a wierd situation on one of the gates, got hung up in the gate while I couldn't jump because apparently I was too far from the gate, managed to escape the situation with flames comming out my hull and 30% structure, docked up, repaired and continued on without further incident to pick up 34 datacores - Rocket Science, and head on back to Friendly faction space. I now have enough datacores for some good ammo runs when I get my skills up so that it's worth doing some invention. I pulled my research from that agent and will be picking an agent in gallente space to get some ship and engineering datacores off of.

After all that excitement, I proceeded to slap in the modules for 2 Bellicoses. Going to have to fit out a Thrasher as well to ship down to my forward base. I'll do that tomorow.


CrazyKinux said...

That was a good laugh!! Indeed, these are the kinds of nasty surprises one gets everyone once in a while.

Safe travels!


WTM said...

Oh dear.... that could definitely gone horribly wrong.

I have to admit I haven't taken my FW character back into hostile (high sec) space since joining the militia... but I could see how this would happen.

Letrange said...

@wtm: It's not as bad as that if you're in a frigate since you can align and warp before they target you. BUT, if you lag out at a gate and the jump hangs up? "Ouchy"...