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Monday, September 22, 2008

Skills and stuff

As those who've been reading the blog and following along know, I have quite the mixed bag of skills for an industrialist main. Technically I'm probably more of a Jack of all trades, master of none. Lord knows my skill spread is kind of demented. Nothing another 30mil SP wont' fix but in the meanwhile it's kind of amusing. My training plans are all over the place - some industry related, some combat related. The thing is while I was CEO and alliance leader full time, I always had some skill that needed training NOW. Now that I'm finally in FW I took the time to actually address one of the problems I've had with my training till now. Lack of learning skills (yea yea I know - bad Letrange). This weekend I finally got Learning 5 and all the other learning skills to 4. I still need to get the rank 1 skills to 5 but that can come over the next few months.

As far as the rest of my skills go, I'm currently in a "get everything related to a specific skill set to 4" mode. Most pilots eventually, if they stay in the game long enough, get to this point. They get satisfied with their current mix of ships and decide that they can wait before getting a shiny brand new toy till they have the skills to REALY fly it. This point is different for just about all pilots. But we all eventually get there. The problem with being a generalist is that I now have a MOUNTAIN of skills to get to 4. So it's a question of prioritizing. A while ago, I established a set of skills that needed to get to 4 for my drones. Now I'm not using drones much these days but there's only one skill on that tree left to finish up. So I'm doing it now.

Gunnery support skills are all at 4 already (for minmatar guns). Nav skills are all at 4+, I'll need to check but I think my armor skills are there. Left on the support sill sets to do are Missiles, Shields, E-war and Repair. I'll probably slip some cyno generation in there since it'll come in handy one day. In the meanwhile I'm enjoying the fact that when I fly a frigate most of the skills are 4 or 5 (although as mentioned a bit more on the missile tree would round out that rocket launcher on my Rifters).

Once I finishe getting my support skills to 4 it'll be time for the big push to get my medium weapons to T2 status. I've got the medium drones up to T2 (although getting all the relevant skills to 4 still has to be polished off). So that means it's just Projectiles and Missiles. Once I do that it'll be time to go for the HAS class of ships (and possibly recons and logistics should not be far off due to my skill set).

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WTM said...

I'd agree with that point about reaching a point where you become willing to wait to fly a ship.

I can't put the finger on when that happened for me, but it was roughly when I got into an interceptor for the first time...

It definitely does get easier to swallow the concept of a 100+day skill plan though.. lol