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Monday, September 29, 2008

Running arround

The last evening in Faction Warfare had a lot of running around trying to get the Amarr to engage. When they finally did, I got in on some kill mails but lost my rupture. Nothing really earth shattering to report.

At the end of the evening I headed up to my manufacturing base and I'll have 10 new Rifters to bring to my forward base at some point in the future. I think over the next few days I'll be running mostly the smaller frigates in order to run through them and end up with mainly Rifters for my frigates. Once I get cyno field generation I'll convert some of my probes to cyno boats since cloaking probes don't tend to die very often.

I'll note that frigates are kind of two faced. They tend to be very survivable in the scouting/pre-battle role, but tend to be quite fragile in battle. Especialy since the Amarr seem to be insensed by them and concentrate on the frigates when battle is joined. My frigate loss rate does indicate that I'm charging the enemy, and the isk value of my kill/loss ratio is nice and lopsided. But it's a darn good thing I make these boats in batches of 10.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, sounds like you're still enjoying FW. I don't suppose these any chance of seeing a killboard link with your kills/losses, etc?

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Sounds like you have to find an anti-anti-frigate tactic... can you fly a decently fit Thorax? Fit one with dual-150mm rails with Uranium, tracking helpers and mag stabs and those anti-frig ships won't bother you too long >:)

Letrange said...

my loss rate is just a reflection on my engagement rate. So it's par for the course. My KB link contains the details of my FW life so far. The only things it's missing are the Arazu kill (whoever got the km didn't post it anywhere) and a Vigil loss (apparently when you're busy killing a Navy Omen, if you only get hit by NPCs, the kb won't accept the km).