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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Of Fleets and FCs

Rant time. I can deal with flying in paper thin ships. I can deal with the lack of survivability. What drives me nuts is FCs who over think an engagement and are not aggressive enough. Currently a lot of our engagements are very lopsided as the Amarr tend to bring Rapiers Zealots an interceptors to most of our fights. But trying to out think a nano squadron when you don't have a nano squadron of your own is just nuts. It's playing their game.

If you're going up against that you need to be anti-nano fit in your gang. Constantly asking for DPS is not a way to get it either. Prove that you're a good FC and we'll bring the DPS (that we have anyways). Prove you're an inteligent FC and make sure there's an anti-nano component of your fleet.

Anyways lost another Vigil. Spent the rest of the evening in a Thrasher till I had had enough and docked at a station in the system we were in and logged.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Why continue to subject yourself to the irritation of incompetence? Start up and FC your own fleet to address these issues. There's nothing stopping you from doing this, is there?

Anonymous said...

recognizing incompetence is in and of itself a path to wisdom my friend, never underestimate the power of stupid people especially in large groups.

~so sayeth the mule

:) TC and note note the crappy FC's

Letrange said...

@Mynxee: Lack of experience is the only reason. I need a bit more experience as a scout before trying out FC'ing.

@manasi: Wasn't totally incompetent, but definitely not decisive enough.