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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another frigate gang

Once again last night was a frigate gang. This time started by another FC. Like Sunday's, this one was headed up to Amarr high sec. Into the Amarr system as a matter of fact. We bounced around in our T1 frigates and got 1 Omen Navy Issue, 1 Coercer and 1 Bestower. We went in about 15 strong and left when we were down to 3 combat worthy frigates. The bestower was empty, the coercer was brilliantly un-fitted. And the Omen Navy Issue didn't have any weapons.


Oh well that Omen "paid" for our little fleet. I will note that we requested T1 ships but certain people had armed these ships with named and T2 weapons. Not that I am against arming frigates with said items, but when the intention is to go in a place where you'll get 80% losses, you don't put T2 or expensive named items in a ship...

You fit vanila T1 modules, you make sure your insurance is paid up, your clone is implantless, you head out with a skeleton crew and said crew's action stations are in their escape pods. Cuz you know it will be over quick when the end comes.

Typical cost of a rifter setup for these types of runs:
~365,000 isk
Net insurance payout
196,000 isk
Cost per ship lost:
169,000 isk
Net cost for 12 of these:
2,028,000 isk
(true value of the fleet was probably a few mil higher since certain pilots did not catch the whole "you're going to loose it so bring cheap" thing).

Value of Omen Navy Issue:
90,000,000 isk
(it was unfit - so probably un-insured)

If it takes us 10 fleets like this to get a single similar kill, we're still wining the isk war. So far my own experience is one out of every 2 frigate fleets gets a high value kill before being wiped. That being the case, these frigate fleets are very cost effective. Sure you won't get the masive kill numbers of a proper full up fleet battle, but the slow and steady bleeding of good ships the amarr are going thru will eventualy wear on them, and you get some good training in for the newbies.

I'm also interested in the difference in tactics these fleets engender. Some, like the one I flew keep the frigates concentrated till the engagement point, others like last nights had us bouncing arround the gates till someone got something then everyone converging.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Welcome to Jihad Warfare :))

Anonymous said...

Nice op, good to see you surviving again.

As far as T2 fits go, don't forget that for all the expense that they add, they also add survivability. T2 guns allow you to load up Hail and make short work of cruisers or Barrage to keep range on other targets. Plus there's a damage bonus to be had, too. A T2 fit Rifter comes in at about 3.5mil so its not exactly breaking the bank.

Letrange said...

hehe, the frigate didn't survive actually. 80% losses. But the thing is that if your numerous enough, you don't need T2 to take down the targets. Remember these are T1 frigates. Frigates just don't have the HP to survive too long once they attract attention. There a big difference between 169k loss per hull and 3.some odd loss per hull.

The point here is not necessarily survival, but continued attrition warfare in between the bigger engagements. This is basically the polar opposite of pirate warfare.