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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Solo belt kill

As I was looking at my wallet, I noticed that it had dropped bellow my comfort level. Mainly due to a recent skill and BPO purchase. In order to alleviate this situation, I decided it was time to build a few Typhoons for sale in order to replenish my coffers. Making typhoons is a mineral intensive operation however.

So I spent the evening mining (transfer box mining). By the end of the evening I had killed a belt. Combined with my existing lows and some purchased highs, this was enough to pop a Typhoon in the oven. The only decision left is who to sell it to market or militia and where to fly it to.

This got me thinking. One of the propositions still on the books is to have the entire belt system move to the exploration mechanic. One thing that would be great is if CPP could have belt kill mails for when a mining site despawn is triggered. One of the things that miners live for (at least the serious ones) is melting entire belts. We'd love to have a more permanent record of the number of belts we kill.


Anonymous said...

LOL... I read the title and thought cool he solo'd a guy...haha I was wrong!

Letrange said...

Hey, I may be doing the Pew Pew thing, but I'm still and will remain an industrialist at heart. Da clue-by-4 should have been the fact that 95% of what I fly in FW I've built myself. The only things that weren't were the T2 modules in some of the dessies and the Jag.

Haven't you ever wandered into a belt with your hulk and wandered out a few hours later with no roids left floating in space?