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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I make up for lack of recent action

This is going to take multiple posts. Otherwise it would be a wall of text.

Started off the evening up in my manufacturing hub. Due to a mining op that was called by the corp, I switched to my hulk, got my alt and headed down to the mining op's designated location. Due to it's proximity to Rens I plan on transfer box mining. I can tell my corp mates (even with their industry alts) are not used to large mining ops. Only the two of us with alts bring haulers with the alts (at least they are high volume haulers). We end up being 6 most of the time, with gusts to 8. The mining ships involved were: 2 Hulks, a Covetor and a Retriever. The haulers were an Iteron 5 (my alt) and a Mammoth. One of the directors showed up in a short lived Scythe and there was one other pilot. What he was flying I have managed to forget (sorry).

After making sure that the hulks are in different belts and I got my transfer box (GSC - anchored - password-ed) setup, I settled down to some "relaxing" roid crunching. A bit of jiggling and I was in charge of the squadron so my Mining Forman 5 was boosting all of us.

Now immediately I see that there will be problems. I'm the only guy transfer box mining and we are WAY too close to Rens - aka griefer central. Before the Covetor and the just appeared mining Scythe can fill a can, sure enough a griefer shows up. I call it: "Guys you're about to get your can flipped and he's got a BS on backup". Sure enough, he flips the can, the Scythe pilot back flips it and warps of to re-fit with guns. Before all this went down I had filled my hauler and it was back at the transfer box just starting to fill up. I send it to the station to drop off what little it has and head to the Covetor. The can is still counter flipped but the Scythe is not in system. I grab the ore (22k worth) and get flashy to the rest of our little fleet, but manage to get the ore to station. Meanwhile the Scythe pilot comes back and so does the griefer. They go at it and sure enough a BS uncloaks. Both the Incursus and the Scythe go down (the Scythe had overheated). And that prety much ends the excitement for the mining op.

I spend the rest of the evening bopping between my transfer box and the Covetor's jet can. The original plan was to drop the ore one station over, but in order to minimize any further griefing losses, I decide to haul both from my hulk and the Covetor. In order for my hulk and T-box not to max out, I pull in my drones and change to a station in system. Once I get into a rythm, I am able to stay ahead of the hulks mining rate (4 warps and 2 session changes between pickups). It would not be possible to stay ahead one jump away - as I suspected. Then it was haul everything over to the other system for melting.

The end of the evening gets 6.5 mil trit, 1.4 mil pye, 340k mex and a teensy bit of iso. Not bad for 2.5 hours of mining with the excitement we had and the ships we had. The Covetor was using strip II's without crystals though. I explained for the next op, he really does need to bring standard strip miners if he can't bring crystals. I get my hulk back up safely to my industrial hub.

This concludes the indy part of the evening.

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