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Thursday, October 2, 2008

More indy stuff

You may want to skip this post if you're here for battle reports.

So I take a look at my mineral bank. Tap the gauge. Hummmmm.... Time to fill it up a bit. The previous day's mining followed by some very nice pew pew didn't fill my personal coffers. So I head out to my manufacturing center, grab my Hulk again and head for a nearby spot. My survey scanner reveals Crap roids but oh well, no mining = no mineral. I get down to killing roids. I'm liking the new capacity on my hauling alt I must say. Althought the system had quite a bit of thru trafic for an out of the way place, I was rather un-disturbed all evening.

Fighting thru my cold, I only got about 2 hours of mining done for 4 jet cans worth of ore. Not great but then again, with the roids that were there, about what I was expecting. One of the mining crystals finaly poped. Ooooo the excitement (well the 2 alloyed trit bars from some rats were nice). On the other hand with my cold developing nicely, that was about all I could handle. Good thing I decided against PvP this night.

I put in 2 more Rupture hulls. So I'll make some modules for the ruptures tomorow so I can ship down 2 more ruptures and a Thrasher. I also put in 3 of my BPOs for research to 10 ME. HOLY MOTHER OF ***! I am suddenly forcefully reminded why I'm a proponent of high sec research POSes. 60 odd days before I see my BPOs again and over 5mil per bpo??? Good thing I'm only doing this to keep my research skills in use. My Blackbird, Moa and Osprey BPOs will be out of circulation for a while. Good thing I got my Minmatar hull BPOs researched before it all hit the fan.

Back to the pew pew tomorow.

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