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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On up to the First kill

As I get back to the forward base, I decide to move some frigates to fill out some low sec frigate caches that have gotten used up a bit. I barely have time to move one when the call comes out that a fleet is forming and needs pilots. So I burn back in my pod to grab an insured Rifter and join the fleet.

It turns out that a) it's a newbie FC on his first try at it. b) it's against Angelonico's gang and c) we're not getting the numbers. After hemming and hawing (note to self - quiet while thinking and make decisions quickly - safespot the fleet if nothing else comes to mind), it's decided to go on a roam. Knowing Angelonico's habits I suggest a destination that should avoid walking into an Angelonico/Elise/and Co trap. After way too much double checking that the gates are clear we finally move off (note to self - do not hesitate when people say it's clear, get the fleet moving - a moving fleet is safer than a stationary one). We end up in Arzad, two of us tryign to get some action going with a Purifier, but no luck.

While the games were happening, one of the Directors and an experienced FC comes in and joins gang and it's decided to re-ship and up-ship. I stay in my Rifter. That turned out to be the right decision for a number of reasons. Mainly because after up-shipping we were a little short on tacklers. So I lead off. While scouting out Kamela and spotting some war targets in system, we get the call that a fleet pilot is in trouble on the Auga gate in Kourmonen. I burn back there. I'm in warp when I hear the pilot goes down, but I know most of the fleet is in Auga at the kourm gate, so I let em know I'm warping on the battle zone. I land on top of the enemy ships and point an Ishtar and call out the name as the fleet jumps in with that pilot called as primary.

Sure enough I loose my Rifter quite quickly. But it's done it's job. I held the target in place long enough to get second tackle on it and erase the Ishtar from existance. I imediatly re-ship from a cache in the system happy to trade a Rifter for an Ishtar.

I am reminded that decisiveness is very good in an FC. Having some plans on how to conduct yourself in the pre-engagement stage of a fleet op helps. As a new FC, it helps if you have some default action that is relatively intelligent to do if you catch yourself over thinking a situation. Never stick too long at a single gate. It's an invitation to have an enemy fleet drop on you.

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