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Monday, October 20, 2008

Please define: Blobing

So I was talking with Black Claw last night. And the conversation turned around to the big break he had at one point and getting back into eve. And he commented how blobs seemed to be the "flavor du jour", And the upcoming speed nerf. I made the observation that "blob" is such is a loosey goosey word and how it's meaning is totally different for a pirate and for a 0.0 denizen.

I commented from conversations with friends that for a 0.0 denisen, a blob prety much needs to have like 100+ ships going up against 100+ ships and that any thing lesser really doesn't qualify. A fleet of 20-50 ships is just a nice tight roaming gang. And then there's my experience that a pirate who gets tackled and ganked by a small squadron of 5 ships will complain of being "blobbed". Even I went (o.O) to that one. After what? (goes and checks) what do you know... almost 2 months of FW. I've come to certain conclusions about "blobing".

My new definition of blobing:
Blobing is when you get your ass haded to you by a superior force when you fail miserably in the pre-battle phase of combat and want to bitch about your lack of skill.
I'm writing this as I'm listening to MicroWarpCast #2. An excelent pod cast, go listen to it. I think I need to address the apparent lack of Carebear blogs as mentioned in the cast. The reasons behind it etc... I'll save that for my next post.


Bahamut said...

I agree with your definition of "blob". While looking at a blob from 50km away you shouldn't be able to visually pick out individual ships.

Dee Carson said...

It's a matter of perspective...

"Fleet" = my guys

"Blob" = opponent when they outnumber my guys.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

My definition of a Blob is when the adversary ratio is 5-to-1 or more, a.k.a., the IAC Factor.

But even then, I've seen IAC squarely refuse to engage a 15-man BC fleet (10-12 BCs plus support) and they had over 40 guys, including about 10 BATTLESHIPS. No wondering they're dead or dying.

WTM said...

I like your defninition, sums up nearly every use of the word I've heard since living in 0.0.