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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ah, finaly some reduction in hull inventory

As you all may have noticed from my comments, I can be an industrious little beaver when I want to be. I now find myself with somewhere around 40 fitted T1 hulls of various stripes (ok, there's a distinct preponderance of Rifters - but that's to be expected). This means I can now settle in to a nice long campaign of burning through these hulls.

One of the things I had fitted out was a Ninja mining Scythe. A simple insured T1 fit that can fill it's hold in 2 cycles. The idea being that in off hours I can so a bit of ninja mining on the sly. Well that particular hull did not last too long. But it died giving me some horribly valuable information. My overview tabs had gotten bugged at some point and I hadn't noticed. After some checking it turns out about 60% of my overview settings weren't showing combat recons on grid. And therefore not on scanner (since I had checked the box - match overview settings to remove distant wrecks from the scans). This meant that the pirate simply wandered up to my fat little Scythe and the first I knew I was in trouble was when I noticed my cap was gone!

After swearing about damn overview settings in local I have since managed to get things fixed on all my overviews. Something must have happened in one of the updates or I had derived a whole bunch of settings after an update had messed things up. I also couldn't see black-ops, marauders electronic attack ships and what not. Very distressing. On the flip side, problem solved and it was a fully insured Scythe which means my net losses were pretty small. Well worth the cost of correcting my overview.

Later in the evening I went out in various fleets as a scout/tackler. The first fleet was rather successful in having an interesting engagement for no losses. I suspect we got one of the newer Amarr corporations who are not yet used to PvP yet and taught them a lesson in PvP. Capped a plex and later lost a Rifter being overly aggressive against a tackled Crusader (note to self - let the long range boys take care of those). A later engagement down in the vard area was not quite as successful. This was a classic meeting engagment. Both forces were about equal strenght with a slight edge to the Amarr. Both sides engaged, both sides got kills. We ended up having to conceed the field. Lost a Vigil and finished the fight in a (surprisingly alive) Stabber.

Did some scouting. Got on some kill mails. Overall a good night.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

GOd I wish I could play more, but my boys and the SPVM are keeping me busy. The 9-1-1 thing is going good though.

Anonymous said...

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