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Monday, October 13, 2008

Drama bombs

It's been that type of a weekend. The weekend started off with news that some "mercenary" corp had been hired to go after PIE inc. From what we've been observing PIE seems to have the most plexers of the Amarr. So fine and dandy. So our corp were set blue to them and had strict instructions never to engage. Unfortunately it turns out that many militia corps had not been set blue to these guys.

The consequences I'm sure you can imagine since these guys can best be described as "indiscriminate". Various quantities of fecal matter hit various rotary impellers. In the course of this it looks like certain elements of the militia will be turning pirate once again.

Closer to "home" it turns out that there was a "coup" staged by someone in my corp. They are currently in the process of walking away with the contents of the corp hangars and wallet. (24h role drops and share votes slow things down. So it looks like by tomorrow I'll be in a new corp or back in the militia in general. One of the two.

EvE - it's a sandbox - with landmines.


Anonymous said...

Wow, definitely drama bomb. Its incredible how quickly a corp or alliance can implode. My old alliance fell apart over the course of an evening, the same evening I was planning on telling them I was leaving for the life of yarr. On the plus side they've recovered from the shock and still look to be going strong.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

It's a sandbox... or a litter.

Nuyan said...

I'm sad to hear about the robbing. It makes up for some great drama to read about, but it's usually not so much fun to experience.