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Friday, October 3, 2008

Man what did I do last night?

Kinda fuzzy this morning. Darned cold. Ok, some stuff went down but little action as I got into the war zone. Eventually a corp mate calls me up for a level 5 - but he needs salvagers... So I re-fit a probe with dual salvagers, and off I go.

The level 5 was fun to watch (one of the ones with a carrier) and much was salvaged, the tag sales went to all the participants, and the rest of the loot got put in the refining bin of the corp. Then we got another one and I switched to my Mastodon for that one since it was a drone one. After a relatively uneventful level 5 mission it was off to a station to melt over 3k m3 of compounds. Got enough to manufacture 4 Ruptures (which I did immediately). Sent the rest off towards the corp hangars via corp contract.

Wait a sec, 2 level 5 missions... THAT's where the evening went...

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Anonymous said...

Nice salvage haul man!!