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Monday, October 6, 2008

Bye Bye Blacky

I've had that Jaguar for quite a while. It wasn't my dual medium extender jag but it was quite solid. Setup for tackle. Last night saw a bit of a mess happening as I was ferrying it to the combat zone so instead of docking it up I charged in to help some corp mates that were getting their asses kicked by Elise Randolf in her Crow and someone in a rupture.

After getting ourselves semi-organized and a gang of 2 cruisers an AF and an Interceptor on the warp gate of the complex, we charged in with the rupture 60 off the gate. Then it was charge to the rupture and ignore the Crow.

Bad news: my AF went down hard and fast, I didn't have enough time to re-orrient and get out of dodge. Good news: the rupture also went down. Initially I thought that I would be the one that lost the most out of the exchange since this was a rigged AF. But no, after checking the Rupture kill mail it turns out that he was fully tech 2 fitted with some nice faction missiles for his assault launchers. Which explains why he did such a number on my AF. Also he had a 1600mm buffer plate with resists. The end result was about an even trade but ouch. Going to be a while before I get another one of those.

I then changed to a Thrasher and proceeded to help finish the plex (with Elise hanging arround) and then go off and re-inforce another engagement. Down goes a Moa. Pod kill on the moa pilot (gota love Thrashers for getting pods). Then this neutral Drake proceeds to engage our fleet. An active tanked drake...

One more kill mail later. The fleet re-concentrates and splits into PvP and Plexing elements. I end up with the plexers and eventualy switch over to my cov-ops. The plexes are getting hard to find but we manage to find some. Eventually I have to bail.

And That was my sunday evening.


CrazyKinux said...

Hey, you loose some, you win some!

I didn't get to play much since, as you know, the boys and I (finally!!) recorded the 16th show of The Drone Bay. I should be on some time today and this evening though.



Letrange said...

wooot! more drone bay niceness!