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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ballancing things and getting a new corporation

Over the last two nights, I've managed to get all the remaining BPC's disposed of. This means that once the two remaining Typhoons sell, I'll be able to close down the Finance corp in preparation for creating a new one.

I did another trip down to Berta to bring some bpc's down to StarHomer and Cozmik R5. Once again the Prowler proves it's worth as I was able to handle the large quantity of corp/alliance/external chat that is the life of an alliance leader while auto piloting the way down there.

As per discussions with Carbon Freezer I rationalized the ownership situation of the corp station. Now that all the isk has changed hands, this means that the ownership is as follows:

Domination Control Tower Small: 50% Letrange, 50% Carbon Freezer
Lab #1: 100% Letrange
Lab #2: 100% Carbon Freezer
Lab #3: 100% Chaosstorm Corporation
Corporation Hangar: 100% Chaosstorm Corporation
Ship Maintenance Array: 100% Chaosstorm Corporation
2 x Small Autocannon Battery: 100% Chaosstorm Corporation
2 x Small Artillery Battery: 100% Chaosstorm Corporation

Since the lab that was invested in by Guyverman is totally in his possession, and that was his only investment in the tower, we don't need to worry about is part of the lab situation.

A lot of isk changed hands for this. My corporation isk reserves are now dangerously low. I'm prety sure I have enough isk to fill up the mineral bunkers but after that I may need to re-activate the production of ships since that gives the most bang for the buck. Also I need to start expanding my product line to include more of the small modules as well as expand into the other frigates even if they are not going to be volume sales at the prices I'll need to put them up at. Once again this is simply to turn Eram into a good newbie sales point. I'll use the max run BPC method of getting into this.

I also remembered to take some screen shots finaly.

Prowler starting the warp to Hek from Uttindar VII moon 4 station.

Monday I did a it of exploration and managed to find a low sec exploration plex and a low sec hidden belt. Unfortunately the hidden belt was gone by the time I got back to it on Tuesday and the I was unable to finish the combat site as I was unable to break the tank on some of the drones in the last room with my assault frigate.

My Jaguar firing at a drone in the first room of the rogue site.

We also accepted a new corporation into the AMC fold. It is a newbie trading corporation. I hope to be able to leverage their trading skills down the road, once they get good at it and learn their markets, to enable the alliance to market their goods in a more aggressive manner.

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