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Friday, April 11, 2008

Prep for the weekend

Busy day here at work. So I may not have time to get things down before I have to head to the bar and meet up with carbon and silverwolfe.

There are two things I need to get down on electronic pages. The first is the details for the next major project so said details can be argued about. Basically at this point it's the same idea as the Typhoon project but for the Dominix BPO, with a budget for 4 instead of for 2 battleships at the same time (in construction or on sale).

There is talk of maybe getting a 2nd BS BPO at the same time and part of the same project as I suspect that there is built up desire to invest isk. Please discuss. We know we wont' have problems with a single BS but with Norjia's corp also pumping out Typhoons, will we have enough mining/manufacturing capacity to handle 2 more production lines?

The other is the formal formation of the combat wing of AMC. ATM we're all either rusty or we've never really done low sec combat ops. So till we get the rust off, used to the techiques, we'll be running T1 Frigate/Cruiser ops. Note T1 - don't used named modules. The odds are VERY good you will loose your ships on these ops till we get good. Plan on it. Make sure you have access to a combat jump clone. Now AMC operates on a "no charges" basis. The alliance makes it's isk for alliance fees thru the mining ops and thru investment in the projects. This means that we won't be operating any ship insurance mechanism (use the in game one for now) and pilots are responsible for their own ships. This is not to say we won't help out the newbies who want to join, just that any other character should have enough income to maintain a stable of disposable combat ships. This is one of the other reasons we'll be sticking to T1 till we get good at it.

I'll post the details but at a minimum I'd like each pilot that intends to be able to fly in combat ops to own at least 2 disposable tackle frigates. Pilots who are going to specialize in these ops are requested to vary it up with specialized frigates (E-war) and cruisers and maintain a slightly bigger stable of ships to choose from when an op gets called. Due to our geographical spread I'll request that combat ships be based in Uttindar and we'll be operating in the nearby low sec areas (there's lots of directions to go low sec very fast in that area). Unlike some other ways of doing this, since we're dealing with very cheap ships it's simply easier that everyone have a few options as to type of ships available and we decide at the start of the op what everyone is flying rather than try to mess with the fits at the start of the ops.

I'll post more details of these two options later.

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