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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, that was Gneiss

Over the last two days, we've been mining a large Gneiss site that Carbon Freezer found. We're into our third day now. The hidden belt is in a low sec system. We've been 7 or 8 each day now. So far a rough estimate gives us 105k of Zydrine or 305mil isk worth of minerals total. We think there's about 20% of the belt left to mine. So far it's been relatively quiet. Although that wave of 20 drones that descended on the op in the last few minutes of the second day sure woke Strongpaw up. qofe lost a retriever in that incident but we all donated all the loot and salvage to him to replace the retriever so he should be able to pay for a new retriever out of that.

As is usual in our current phase of eve-development we're still learning. Very few of us have low sec experience. So we got lazy and some of us were miss-aligned for a warp out. Not that that would have saved qofe in this case. Having 20 frigate, destroyer, cruiser and battle cruiser sized drones hot drop on a retriever is jut not survivable. Not at the warp out speeds a retriever is capable of. But for example one of the problems was finding the safe point bookmark amongst all the bookmarks for an op. I pointed out that if you put all the mining bookmarks in an op folder but keep the safe spot bookmark out of any folder it's easy to find. So in an emergency there is no searching around for the right bookmark. Things like that are what we need to do.

The first day we had no one with a spare remote armor and hull repairers for the op. The second day we had the CAP ship with remote armor and spare remote armor and remote hull repair available to the haulers in the ore destination station (so it would be a simple matter to switch out the modules on one of the round trips).

On the first day we had 2 haulers for the entire group and I was top cover in my hound. A hound is better than a battleship for low sec top cover due to targeting times. On the second day Strongpaw was top cover in his drake. "DRONESSSSSS!!!!".


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

You can tell qofe that he's been avenged:


Anonymous said...

Well I to but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.