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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hauling and man my corp account is low

After yesterday's balancing I figured it was time to re-fill the bunkers up to max. Since large production runs should be toned down till the start of the next BS project. I figured it was the perfect time to totally fill up the mineral bunker and see exactly where I stand. After the corp pumped 107.5mil into the POS ownership it was time to see where I stood with my market inventory full up or in production.

Damn I'm good. I managed to get all minerals full, all market duplicates on hand or in manufacture, with 5mil remaining in the operating budget. Since the monthly costs of running the corp itself only consist of the 5mil Eram office and the 500k Uttindar office (I closed down the Maspah office), and the bills were freshly paid, I'm sitting in a good spot as far as my manufacturing plan goes. I may have the corp copy some cruiser bpo's and run some limited quantities of those to boost the month's revenue, or I could expand into more frigate sized modules pending a large increase in order slots.

For the moment I'll work with BPC's from my main collection to expand my corp's product line. This will enable it to test out the markets involved without investing in a separate BPO. Of course this will take a bit of time to get rolling but that should allow for a smoother tool up to the larger production line.

In an "oops" move I traveled all the way to berta without one of the bpc's I wanted to move there AND I left the appartment while the ship was traveling (simply forgot about it in my rush to get going to work). Hopefully I'll still have my prowler when I get back this evening.

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