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Thursday, April 24, 2008

And work blows up my EvE presence for a few days...

Well, that's finally over! It's been a crazy few days. Rush to get some new code written because the marketing dude just can't keep his big mouth shut. It totally ate into my eve time. Good thing we're not in the production phase of the next project.

Meanwhile, back at the far, Doc is back. He's working on his standings. We may end up with a 6.0+ corp average in Minmatar space. This would be good as it would allow us to consider 0.6 systems as well as 0.5 systems. Meanwhile, I've gotten back to working on the 3/10 mission. I've finished it, but am busy mining out the ore in the mission. This will slow down my finishing of the belt but I need the minerals if I want to get my Typhoon built. I've got a week to mine out the mission ore. We've got Omber, Veldspar and Scordite in this mission. So I"m mining madly.

More later

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