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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Work and planning.

Gah, sucky weekend. Had to go to work for 7h on Saturday. Kinda blew my plans to shreds.

In other news my mineral bunker hit a low spot. So time to buy minerals. Just did so. Interesting changes in value. Trit and Mega bot up, trit slightly and mega substantially. Mind you Mega is soooo undervalued still. I just bought 59.2mil isk of minerals. But again without some cruisers in rotation, that should last me quite a while.

Just found out that to get a copy of the shield amplifier, I need Hydromagnetic Physics. Well I was going to get that anyways for the ice refining skill after I get the ability to fly hulks so no issue with getting it early.

Looks like I'm going to do some major hauling tomorrow morning while working remotely from home.

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