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Sunday, April 13, 2008

AMC Dominix Project

Welcome to those of you who haven't read the blog before.

We're about to start our 2nd large project at AMC. This involves the acquisition of a Dominix BPO and the manufacture of Battleships off of it for sale on the open market. With the lessons from the previous project in mind here is the budget for the project:

Corp Creation: 1.5mil
Dominix BPO: 562.5mil
Research and Copy: 5mil
Manufacturing Budget: 4 x 49mil
Total: 765mil isk

Phases of the project
  1. Form finance corporation (underway)
  2. Raise Capital. 765mil. This will take part in 2 phases.
    1. For the first day there will be a cap of 50mil per investor (individual or corp) on a first come first serve basis.
    2. From the 2nd day onward if the max isn't reached the remaining isk will be raised on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Initial research
    1. An alliance tower slot will be reserved for this activity.
    2. The bpo will be researched till ME:6
    3. 4 copies will be made.
  4. Manufacture, Sale and Continuing Research
    1. Once the first 4 copies are made the bpo will be put back in research and 2 bpc's will be made for every point of ME gained till ME:10 is reached. After that it's copies till the budget is exhausted.
    2. As the copies become available the use of the manufacturing budget to acquire minerals, manufacture the ships, and finance the selling of them will happen. As per the previous project this will be distributed amongst the corps that have manufacturing capacity (PE:5).
    3. After a BS sells, the revenues are pooled with any leftover construction budget and 49mil is kept back for the next BS. The remainder is sent to the finance corp (AMC Dominix Project)
    4. Every weekend that there are profits to distribute they will be distributed thru the dividend mechanism.
    5. This will continue on for a total of 3 months.
  5. Closure of the project
    1. At the end of the 3rd month since the start, we'll see if any corporation inside the alliance has the isk to buy the researched BPO at that point. Should one be able to buy it, this will start the closure of the project. If not, it will keep going till someone in the alliance buys the BPO.
    2. Once the BPO is sold, we stop production of Dominixes and allow the remaining BSes at that point to sell. As the isk comes in from the sale of the BPO, BPC's and the last BS's it will be distributed, again through the dividend mechanism. Note that this will be funneling back the original investment isk to the shareholders.

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