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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Combat Wing, Mining Ops

Once the research is underway on our major manufacturing effort (Dominixes (-i?)), I will be taking the time to address a few issues that I've let slide lately.

The first is the lack of a combat wing. Should we wish to start getting serious about low sec or an eventual move to 0.0 we need to get training. This means the first few combat ops you can expect to die horribly. This is due to two reason. One we have a preponderance of newbie industrialists. The other is the lack of experience. Well there's only one way to get experience. Go out and do it. But in order to do this those of you who want to be in on this aspect of EvE need to do a bit of preparation. The first is setup your favorite combat frigate. As a tackler. With nothing but tech 1 modules since you can expect it to die horribly the first few times. Make two of em. Base them in Uttindar.

For those of you who will be getting more serious down this road, you may want to also get a couple of T1 cruisers ready. Maybe some specialist frigates. After the first few ops we'll be mixing up the fleet a bit - still expect to die horribly but we may actually get some kills out of it.

As far as location goes. I'm centralizing the combat operations in Uttindar. There are various reasons for this. The main thing is that no one else has stepped up to the bat yet and I'm kinda stuck in that area due to the presence of the towers.

The second is getting the mining operations going again (give Gaird some work to do). I've let this slide since we were winding down the Typhoon project. After various complaints regarding the mining split between the low volume and the high volume miners I've decided on some changes:

1) Haulers are requested to keep track of m3 total for each miner. The split between the miners will be based on the total minerals they mine. Regardless of type. Note we need ALL high sec minerals for our high sec manufacturing operations. So no reason to be picky. Alliance ops are in the business of popping belts, not only getting the most isk/h roids only.

2) As we worked out in the low sec op, spread out between the belts so you DON'T cross your beams. As we discussed this is not good due to it's way of messing up mining cycles. Which slows down

3) Can ready procedure: Miners please keep track of the capacity of the haulers that are servicing your cans. fill up your cans only to the nearest 1000 m3 of the hauler (so if it can hold 16.7k m3 only put 16k m3 then rename the can to "Ready xx:xx your name" The xx:xx is the eve time the can was created (or refreshed). Partial fills slow down haulers. Hauler's share will be split between the haulers based on m3 hauled.

4) The split between the haulers and miners will depend on the distance to haul. I need feedback on this. at 1 jump the ratio i can maintain is on the order of 1 hauler per 3-4 (hulk) miners. We need to find some way of getting a good ratio depending on the distance to haul.

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