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Monday, April 14, 2008

AMC Dominix Project Dates

After talking it over and to make sure there's enough time for interested parties to prepare, the dates for the kickoff of the Dominix Project have been set. Note: all times are in EVE time. GMT. UTC.

Start of first day of Investment: 18th at 00:00h (Thursday Night)

I'd make it earlier but I only get home from work right before then. The first day of investment will see a cap of 50mil per investor.

Start of 2nd day of Investment: 19th at 00:00h (Friday Night)

Should I have to do over time - Teena will be able to handle things as the backup alt in the finance corporation. This time round I'm making sure that I'm not the only one who can handle things in the finance corp.


Valkerias said...

Sound like a plan, quick question though. Will the investment be done in shares @ 1000 isk each like the last project?

Letrange said...

um... it was 10000 isk a share, but since the last project was of the same size there abouts and that part of it didnt' have any problems, we might as well use the same ratio.