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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Incursion and PI

This weekend I got together with a few pilots to try out this incursion thing.  Things did not go well.  5 pilots showed up with RRBS as requested.  A sixth discovered that he did not have enough skills to run an RRBS scorpion properly.  We eventually figured out that the beachhead system area where the 5 man sites are...  It turned out that we were over powered for those sites.  And because of targeting issues we were not getting in on the sansha kills (the cruisers in the sites were killing them before us).  So we tried a vanguard site... That did not go well, and we lost 2 BS.  We're going to need more pilots for vanguard sites.  Though it is true that the sites are more available (and not over crowded like the scout sites were).

Also doing a site with a pilot who hates PvE?  Not enjoyable.  I may try some of these things on my own and just X up and see what happens (at least until the RRBS blows up) and see if it's any better.  Or I might just say fuck it and start shopping around for where to join up 0.0 wise.  I probably won't get serious about that until I get Fed Customs to 0% tax though since I'm so close to that.  We will see.

Meanwhile my PI stuff is progressing.  Realistically I need two more basic processors on my extraction planets so that last level of upgrade would be useful for high sec setups.  I'm getting it on my alt but leaving it alone on my main since when I decide to head to 0.0 having PI in high sec on my main will be useless.  My alt's alts however will be getting PI worked up - including to 6 planets and level 5 upgrades in order to get serious about fuel production.  When my 3rd account gets reactivated - one of the scientists is probably going into ice mining since my main alt is capable of max Orca boosting (very nice that).


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

A pilot who hates PvE eh? I wondering who this hard-headed dense ex-BOZO dude can be...

I plead guilty your honor, and you can be sure that from now on I will stick to what I do best and that I find to be the only enjoyable thing to do in this game. And even there I'm not so sure anymore.

Latro said...

FWIW, I've seen the trend leaning towards armor HACs, with Guardians and plated ECM Scorps ftw.

VonBargenJL said...

give us a hollar at SI Radio if you want to join the 0.0 blog corp. Pending an upcoming, undefende station shoot, we'll have sov by this weekend.