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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sixty Million SP Man

I hit both Logistics V and 60m SP over the weekend.  And much rejoicing was had.  So, my skill breakdown looks like the following:

Skill Breakdown

As you can see Science and Spaceship Command take up the brunt of my skill points.  With gunnery and missile operations a close 3rd and 4th.  I'm still in what I consider to be the "flesh out before getting into capital ships" part of any character development plan.  Being a jack of all trades I figure it'll be about a year before I get into capital ships in any big way.  I still need to get the Shield transfer and energy transfer skills to 5 before I fly a scimitar in anger.  I also need to get up to high sec and get that scimitar hull I've got laying around fit out and ready to rock and roll.

I've also heard rumors that my first post about lack of vision is causing controversy and apparently bitter vet tears over at scrapheap challenge (nope, haven't read it yet).  I am amused.  That would also explain antithaca's answer to the post.  Especially since I had not proposed any specific solutions, just generic objectives to fix up an observed imbalance in the risk reward ratio of certain aspects of industrial operations.

(side note to antithaca: please sink some SP into your blog reading skill to get it beyond level 1)

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