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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back in the blog pack again...

Apparently someone has noticed I've been on more often lately...  So, my attempt to remain under the radar has once again failed miserably.  Mind you it's been a while since I've checked out the blog pack.  Mainly because I've been doing other things.  The thing to remember about EVE is that it's a game for the long haul.  It's not a sprint to the end like WoW is.  Heck technically you're in the "end game" from day 1.  No tedious leveling grind. Isk grind on the other hand? oh yea that's there.  So, every so often we need to take a break from it.  The trick I've discovered is to take the break BEFORE you burn out.

I was intending to stay away a bit longer.  But the game I took a break with turned out to be a bit disappointing. Ah well, them's the breaks.  So, I'm back.  Still firming up my plans and figuring out what I want to do.  For the moment I've decided not to go back to AMC.  Mainly because I want to go to Sovereign 0.0.  What I'm looking for: sovereign 0.0 entity that's relatively stable and not a renter that's recruiting 60mil +sp pilots.  Oh and doesn't mind that like Manasi and Kirith, I'll be blogging about my experiences.

As far as what I've been doing lately.  It's been an amusingly eventful weekend so far.  I finally managed to get above 6.7 standing with the corp where I'm currently based (simplifies refining enormously).  Darn agents, I had to decline twice in a row before I could finish the last mission necessary and they still gave me a storyline to polish off afterwards.  I have also managed to shut down the last PI planet my main was tending.  This should free him up to go hunting for a new home.

On the alts front, the 2nd alt on the 2nd account has started his PI work and has all 5 planets up and running.  Due to the fact that the 1st alt on that account has more trade skills - he'll be funneling his goods to that alt for shipment to the market.  Speaking of that alt, still 8 days to go before I get the Command Center Upgrade V skill.  Ah well.  8 more days before I can get the 3rd alt on that account skilling up his PI.

Over Saturday night, I got another ice mining op done.  This time in conjunction with my old friends from AMC. Things were going as usual when suddenly we were rudely interrupted by a Amarr BS that decided to smartbomb us.  Unsuccessfully may I add.  It seems that various gankers are taking the opportunity to fine tune their suicide gank tactics.  This fine fellow's tactics and fits need a bit of work.  Or team work.  Either way, we didn't lose anything and actually made isk thanks to some salvage and modules.  Thanks dude.

So warning it's still over a week away from hulkageddon but things are getting a little dangerous out there as the various gankers fine tune their tactics.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

We have to tell that "someone" to undock so we can finally teach him The PvP >:)