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Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the alt breaks even.

As you guys know, I've been tracking all PI related expenses and income on my alt who's making PI "for the market".  Even with his miserable trade skills he's managed to break even in 8 days from his initial investment.  In Hi-sec space.  The plan was: manufacture Robotics, Mechanical Parts and Oxygen for sale in the Dodixie market.  Track everything related to the project.  See how long it takes to break even and start making isk in high sec.

The answer? 8 days.

I started operations on the 25th of January.  The net isk for the project hit positive numbers on the 2nd of February.  Due to one of my planets having depletion issues I also ended up selling some Precious Metals on the open market.  The price difference between those and Oxygen leads me to believe that I would be better looking at the other P1 items that are on my gas planet and possibly switching over to something else.  The oxygen was simply taken since it's an obvious POS fuel.  It's low price however would seem to indicate that it's a popular product and there is plenty on the market.  Since I don't want to incur the 6mil isk "move to another planet" costs at this point in time, I will simply investigate what the other 4 resources are like price wise.

Consumer Electronics Planet

As you can see I do not have 20 extraction heads going.  This is due to the fact I don't have the level 5 upgrade yet.  Ideally I would have 20 extraction heads and 2 more basic processors.  If I could fit it also a last advanced processor.  Then all extracted items would be processed and I'd use the Consumer electronics and sell the excess Toxic metals on the market.  No worries about balancing things and over extraction.

In 12 days my alt will get Command Center Upgrade V.  This will allow me to adjust all my existing planets accordingly (for a price obviously), so I will continue to track income and what not.  I'll let you guys know how the extra level works out.  But 30mil investment to break even in 8 days is very nice.  This also projects well for when I upgrade the planets and for a decent monthly income of around 100mil for the month - if prices hold of course.  If I remember correctly of the two other alts on that account, one has PI to the same levels and the other has the skill books on hand to learn.  I think I will get the 2nd alt rocking and once the skill dings, switch to the 3rd alt and get:

  • Advanced Planetology 4
  • Command Center Upgrades 4
  • Interplanetary Consolidation 4
  • Planetology 4
  • Remote Sensing 4

Along with enough skills to operate a small hauler with appropriate fittings.  This should allow me to rock similar setups on all 3 alts and boost the account income into the 300mil per month level.  At which point this account should be close to self sustaining (with a 2 day PI cycle).  More market analysis is necessary to pinpoint appropriate P1 and P2 materials for manufacture.  I may also want to play with trying to optimize a planet for P1 extraction or P2 and see which is better based on market value.  Still basing myself on a 2 day extraction program.  That seems, in the absence of other people on my hot spots, to give me an acceptable equilibrium between extraction and depletion.

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