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Friday, February 4, 2011

Switching things over.

Interesting session last night.  Did some planning.  And some work pursuant to the planning.

The main:  I've decided to stop the PI activities on my main in prep for a move.  The problem with PI is that it keeps you pinned to a single spot.  Now if I was living in wormhole space or was not wanting to be mobile (like if I'm an alt running a research tower), then PI makes a lot of sense.  If you want to remain mobile however it's best not to have anything tying you down.  So I'm draining the pipelines and I'll be closing down my main's PI operation.  He's made back his investment so it's not like it cost me anything at least.

The alt account:  This on the other hand took some planning.  I don't plan on bringing my hauler alt down to 0.0 with me, so he can stay resident in high sec and between himself and the 2 research alts on the same account, they may be able to generate enough PI sourced revenue to almost or entirely pay for a plex a month.  Which would allow them to continue to skill up without costing me much other than isk.

So.  The skill plan:  Finish Zindal's Command Center Upgrade 5.  Get alt #2 skilled up to 4/4/4/4/4 with his PI skills and enough other skills to fly a hauler.  Then switch back to Zindal and get the rest of the PI skills up to 5.  Followed by Alt #1 and Alt #2.

I'm having Zindal try out Electrolytes instead of Oxygen.  I may try that for a while then switch to the Basic Metals derivative instead.  It's a question of quanity vs price.  There's more Basic Metals than Ionic Solution in this gas planet.  It may be more profitable to make and sell the metal at a lower price but in larger quantities than it would be to sell smaller quantities of the higher value electrolytes.  We'll see.  We'll also need to keep an eye out on market fluctuations.  It only costs 45k to delete and reposition an ECU.  So long as I don't need to move too far from the rest of the setup, switching products isn't too expensive.

Tonight I'll be setting up Alt #1 as a pure metals producer.  We'll see what that's like.


CrazyKinux said...

Since you seem to be back, I've put you back in the EVE Blog Pack. If you could write a little something about it, I'd appreciate! Cheers!

Letrange said...

oh... dear...