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Friday, January 28, 2011

Missions, PI and Ice and T2

Getting things underway again can be a bit of a work up.  I've also realized I should probably not have gotten into PI on my main per see except as it is proving useful for getting the bugs out of the new mechanics for my alts.

Last night I got on but only wanted a relaxing evening.  It was my main's turn on the PI stuff.  I'm currently running a 48h extraction program for my two characters doing PI at the moment.  Each character's "reset" day is offset 24h from the other.  I also try to be mining or doing some hauling on the other character on the nights where it's time to do that character's "run around".  So I started off doing another L4 mission for fed customs in Azer in order to push the standings a bit higher.  That got it to 6.03 net.  I need to get it to 6.70 in order to have 0% taxes when I refine stuff in Azer.  so things are progressing. 

The next thing was continuing manufacture of T2 goods (I over purchased moon materials due to a spreadsheet bug I didn't catch right away since I was not paying close enough attention to it).  Then it was out to do some ice mining.  I'm trying to build up a buffer of POS fuel so when I decide to put my other alt's research tower up, one day, I'll have a nice reserve of fuel ready to go.

In other news I'm currently closely tracking all PI transactions on my main hauler alt's account (Zindal).  Zindal started this sting with his PI skills at 3/4/4/4/4.  I'm going to push the skill that allows for upgrading to 5 (in 17 days) due to the way that raw materials pile up on the plannets when making P1s.  The plan for him is that he's the "for sale" PI producer.  I'm curious as to the ROI on PI goods.  The plan is 2 planets producing mechanical parts and 3 planets producing oxygen and robotics.  I'm tracking all upgrade/investment/export/import and sales costs and revenues on this one.  We'll see how this works out.  I can tell you the initial investment was on the order of 30mil.  But I had made back at least 2mil of that by the end of the 2nd day (only selling mechanical parts and oxygen, the robotics needs an extra 2 days to gain traction).  The plan is to put up low end sell orders instead of filling buy orders since this is for profit and not just dumping excess inventory.

I finished the night off by doing some ice mining as I mentioned.  This went relatively well.  I managed to play a game of blood bowl with some friends while my two characters were mining away.  Only occasionally missing a cycle.  This time I got a full orca load of ice.  182 blocks of ice.  Lost the game of Blood Bowl (although it may help the rest of the season - I did some damage to that Skaven team).

I figure that once I smooth things out I may be able to plan around much less in the way of travel.  Both for picking PI materials up and for bringing to the market.  For now it's much more micromanagement.

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