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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tempest in a teacup - the CQ

Ah, EVE, you are such a controversial game.  There are a metric tonne of people weighing in (we're in space so microgravity conditions apply - parse my meaning now you semantic dominatrices) on the issues of the Captains Quarters.  From the ecstatic to the horribly, horribly disappointed.  Mostly the later.  From all the breast beating and corset tearing going on you'd think the death of EVE was coming.  Can I have your stuff?

Reality check time people.  A few observations:

1) WAIT FOR IT TO HIT SISI YOU IDIOTS.  At this point in time there is so much F.U.D. floating around there's no way anyone can get a clear picture of how this will turn out. 

2) The EVE mob's passions have been inflamed.  This alone tells me things will turn out better than the doomsayers have predicted.  The previous times we've had these levels of reaction have been:  The "need for speed" adjustment (a.k.a. the nano nerf), The supercarrier nerf (that ended up being a boost).  The ECM changes.  The "go vote for us" incident (CCP refocuses on lag).

3) The truth of the matter is that for the true attack on lag CCP needs to work on distributing the physics engine of a solar system between multiple nodes.  Until that technical hurdle is overcome, we won't see a true attack on lag past incremental improvements here and there.  Incidentally the problems they need to resolve to accomplish this is NOT FRIGGEN TRIVIAL!  The type of programmers that need to be thrown at this problem however are not the run of the mill programmer.  They need to throw some eggheads of the programming world at this problem.  Just throwing more bodies won't do it.

4) Growth pains.  CCP is well on he way to becoming a larger developer.  But they are no where near there yet.  They also need to overcome their rapid growth pains.  It looks like they are getting there but there is still a ways to go.

5) Think long term people.  we will be at the 2003 level in terms of content once the next 2 releases of Incarna happen.  Not in terms of quality, but in terms of scope.  It took years of development for the space ship side of things to get where it is.  Also CCP is THE ONLY major developer that does not charge extra for expansions.  Sure you can bitch that they don't put out as much content as WoW does on each expansion but I'd like to point out:  a) they don't charge you for the expansion and b) they are 1/10th the size of blizzard.

The above are the major reasons why I think the current hubaloo about a single feature of Incarna is much ado about nothing.  Seriously, we're going to get a balcony view instead of an overhead view.  We currently have a session change when we dock up, we'll have a session change after incarna comes out when we dock up.  So long as you can do all your interaction from the balcony, not much except the decor will have changed as far as functionality goes.  We'll see once it hits Sisi.  Until then, everyone needs to take a chill pill.


Tom Hoffman said...

Agreed. Although in retrospect we'd have been better off with a supercarrier nerf, and I suspect continued optimizations (and hardware upgrades) of the current 1 server per system architecture will give better payoff over the next several years than distributing the physics over multiple servers.

More to the point, not really optimized code distributed over several servers will just produce more complicated latencies.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Copy/pasted straight from the comment I left at Manasi's:

To me, Incarna will simply be part of the 95% of EVE that I believe sucks donkey balls. The remaining 5% is good enough to keep me playing until something better comes, which I doubt will happen (gj @ vaporware NetDevil and Reakktor). If the 5% goes down because of Incarna, then I will follow Teadaze into oblivion.

There are many other universes I’m interested in, both sci-fi related and not, and if a bunch of vikings decide to break my fun I will just go elsewhere.

But yeah, I'm kinda disappointed at Teadaze for ragequitting over a CSM meeting; it's not like EVE and CCP are democracies for crying out loud!

Mike Azariah said...

My wife is prone to 'what if' herself into a tizzy sometimes and I always answer with "Wait till it happens."

Same here.

Well done post and pretty well exactly what I was thinking, only better said than I would have done it.


Boris Kourtoukov said...

Amen. In my honest opinion the Incarna features coming with the next few updates are going to really add to eve. I have said this in one of my blog entries about dust: They will add more ways of making ISK. More importantly however, they will add more ways of spending ISK.

To me that is a plus in every direction. I had to unfollow half the blogs I have in my RSS reader because of this silly doom gloom attitude. I am sorry for them if they think that an innovative developer who puts the focus of a few teams into new and uncharted ways of eve is ruining their game.

Anonymous said...

It is such a simple thing to give people the option to opt out of Incarna content (as originally promised by CCP) and it seems a number of other players agree.

This isn't the same thing as giving people the option to opt out of PVP or anything like that (before people try that analogy). It is more akin to things like manufacturing, mining, planetary Interaction. Some people like doing them, others don't but at the moment you don't have to use (for example) PI if you don't want to.

I didn't ragequit and my leaving isn't based on a single devblog. Don't pull a CCP and class any negative coment as :lolcustomers:

There is more going on in the background which I assume will come out at fanfest. Yes people should make up their own minds as more information comes out.

Toldain said...

Ahem. Moving the physics for one system to multiple nodes is something that I'm not even sure is possible. They already have some serious brainpower working on the problem, we're talking about MIT Ph.D.'s. I've read some of their papers on it, and I don't think this aspect of the game could be in better hands. But computers and programmers are not gods.

That said, I think it would be really fun to work on this, but I have no idea whether I could do better. Figuring that out would involve reading the source code in detail.

And you know, I get why people want it. What I think is needed is some in-game reason to not concentrate forces to that level.

I guess I'm one of the few that has no opinion on Incarna, and having an avatar. It's not why I play the game, but I seriously doubt that the impact will be all that negative.

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Although for point 1 I'd even say wait for TQ, since whatever hits SiSi is a long stretch from the final result still.