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Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving and a shaking

After accomplishing my objective of getting 0% tax at my main base in high sec, and shaking loose of any PI operations, I decided it was time to go hunting for an alliance to join.  I spent a good portion of Sunday morning scouting out the influence map and looking at potential homes.  You may think that this may or may not be the right time to go hunting for a new home with the current IT implosion and the implied chaos that could lead to.  I think its a great time to look.  So the morning was spent cogitating about where to find a home.  I will say I appreciate all the pilots that did say "come join our corp".  But this being EVE I decided to set myself some parameters regarding future homes and once something that at least vaguely looked like it might work out, go actively knocking on recruiters doors.  Side note:  If you're a main line corp and you want recruit, make sure an active recruiter is linked in your corp info.  Even better list your minimum requirements.  You'd be surprised at the number of corps that don't do either of the above - and yes I can tell the difference between a specific purpose corp and a mainline (whether specialist or general) corp.

So my general parameters:
1) Larger sov holding entity.  I've run a small to mid size alliance.  I'm not looking to experience that another time.  Been there, done that.  So a minimum of 2 constellations under their control.
2) Not a renter.  Do I really need to explain that one?  Lucky the alliance choices available thanks to requirement #1 generally preclude renters.
3) Not currently imploding.  Well that strikes IT out.
4) Not Goonswarm.  Their griefer philosophy just doesn't do it for me.
5) Not a pure PvP entity in NPC null sec.  Got plenty of friends who like that life style.  Not my thing.

So let's take a look at the broad picture as it currently is.  In the north west you have the Deklin Coalition.  Goon lead and going strong into fountain.  In the west and south west you have IT and their pets and friends.  Currently fail cascading.  In the south southeast and east you have an entire swath of Russian and Russian core alliances holding vast territories.  Then in the north you have the Northern Coalition.
I did note that a good chunk of space seems to be "Russian".  I actually considered checking out those areas for a potential home, but the time zone issue of probably being in a minority corp in an alliances "off" time zone mitigated against seriously considering joining the "deep" Russian areas.  They do control a lot of systems though.  Looking at all of that I narrowed my search down to the alliances in the Northern Coalition as being most likely to be the sort of place I could call home.

I will admit that that did narrow the possibilities.  I spent the later half of the day knocking on doors and managed to snag an interview early.  One good thing about my blog for any prospective corp, it does lessen the odds that I'm a spy for some other null sec entity.  That and being 59mil SP pilot that can fly HAC/Recon/SC/T2 equipped BS definitely help.  Should all go well I'll be joining my new corp some time this evening (dropping roles on my high sec corp takes the usual 24h).

So, once again into 0.0 I go.  This time, with a larger 0.0 entity and with a lot more experience under my belt.  This should turn out better than the UFA adventure of a while ago.  So prepare for some JOAT foot soldier posting from null sec.  And high sec alt shenanigans for when I can't post about what I'm doing in null sec.

Speaking of said alts.  Whoo! are P1s more voluminous than P2s  I got thru the first cycle of my 2nd accounts 2nd alt (hereafter referred to as alt 2.2) and contracted over the goods to Zindal (technically alt 2.1 but I've referred to him by name so...) for eventual movement to market.  The move to Electrolytes was a good decision.  Income is up on Zindal because of it.  Also it was very convenient to move a batch of cruisers over to a staging system using Zindal's Orca while I moved some battleships with my main.

I do have some stuff "in the oven" T2 manufacture wise on my main but I don't really expect to need those skills any time soon.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I sense we will have a lot to talk about at the coming EVE Meet :))

Gratz dude!

Kevin said...

Join the channel "White Star Bar" We live in Geminate, as a part of the Dem0n Hunters alliance. Check us out =D