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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Since as someone pointed out my blog is mostly read by experienced pilots and/or self starting pilots, I will only say: Go and vote!

My 3 active accounts will.

I know some of you couldn't care less of the politics of the way the game is evolving, but for the rest of us, the CSM is our representatives face to face with CCP. Lord knows we need someone to keep hammering them to fix the bugs. And the lag. Even if all they do for us is advise CCP on issues and what not, it will be better than not having the CSM. So VOTE!

Once the voting is closed I will put up my prediction (don't want to influence the vote).


Anonymous said...

As an addendum ...

If you don't know who to vote for, use vote match. It's great, but it's only a surface hit; if you're willing to spend some time, investigate further than vote match -- links to the candidates are available from the page which shows your best match is.

Stabs said...

Funnily enough it's our General Election tomorrow here in Britain and I've been told to vote about ten times already today!

Unknown said...

I have no idea where the right place to post stuff like this is, but now you're gettin' it :-p

I've only been playing for 8 month, I'm an avid carebear and don't really spend much time in-game. But I read all the blogs and am quite the google-manic, so I feel pretty well informed.

The only place I've really read about CSM is on blogs. If I didn't read those, I wouldn't know what it was or anything. More information is needing if more player participation is the goal. Also there is still absolutely NO information about the voting procedure. I have been unable to find out when the voting opened or how the voting rules where (only one vote as it is, but it could've been different). There is absolutely NO information to be found on commonly available information sources.

Alright... I found out anyway, but my point to you blog starlets out there is that you can cry "vote you newbs!" all day, but the only thing that will truelly make a difference is if CCP agrees to increase the general level of information about CSM.


P.S. Candidate descriptions're also horrible, so I ended up with the easy choice and voted for TeaDaze. I'm such a mainstreamer :-p

Letrange said...

@Jannick the candidates are responsible for their own descriptions... Maybe you could hire yourself out as a political adviser for isk :P