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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scratch 2 russian radar sites

And I log in last night with the intention of making some iskies. Got to build up a bit for the PI blueprint spree that will kick off next Wednesday. Found out some alliance members had found an off-lined tower in a class 4 (130 sites? ouch - may the shwartz be with you trying to find the static). They were pounding on it in order to harvest the off-lined guns and defenses. They were way too many jumps away over in amarr space, so I said "have fun".

Meanwhile I jump in my cov-ops and get scanning in local space. 1 anomaly, 1 combat site and a wormhole...

Dive into the wormhole. Humm, inhabited. Single Amarr small tower with guns and missile batteries. Force field is up so at least it's not abandoned. Let's check it out. Using the d part of the d-scanner we determine that planet 8 has the POS. Some astute work with the moon overlay allows us to shortly determine that it is at moon 4. Warp to 100... Nice I ended up 300km from the tower. Nice Amarr Control Tower Small. The loadout is not bad (6 guns, scram, e-war all online, the 4 missile batteries offline so not fail - probably filched them from some other tower and just anchored them for the lols) Fairly typical small tower setup. The spread of defenses is sub-optimal since there are only 2 groupings each of which could be smartbombed. I took pics. One un-occupied Covetor sitting around inside the shields.

Some investigation of the corp who owned the tower revealed that they are a Russian 7 man corp belonging to the Wormhole Warriors alliance (also looks Russian). A quick check of the time zones involved indicates that it should be 5:00am Moscow time. A time in the morning when all good Russian pod pilots should be passed out on the couch with a bottle of their favorite vodka cuddled up close. Time to see what else is in this class 2 system.

Some scanning later during which I coordinated with Cozmik who was looking for some isk making opportunities for the evening (having just acquired his shiny new vaga) and I have the sites nailed down.

1 grav, 2 radar and 3 wh (including the one we came in from). Quick check of the two other connections for risk evaluation revealed a class 1 and system D-0UI0 in Detorid (unclaimed system between Atlas and The Federation). Humm, not too risky then. So after fleeting up with Coz (in his Hurricane) and me in a PvE spec Cyclone we decide to nail the two Radar sites. Coz not being interested in mining and me being able to crack cans.

Since we have the two radar sites documented to a fare-thee-well, it was rather simple to nail all the spawns and scoop/salvage all the goods. Some switching to a different ship to crack cans while an alt salvaged away as Coz kept d-scan pealed for any interruptions allowed us to polish everything in these sites off except for the Veldspar in the 2nd site. We did not get lucky and there were no Talocan frigates (can't have everything).

Disposition of the loot and the salvage and can contents allowed us collect 35 mil and change each. Not bad for an inhabited C2. Think we scared the pants off a poor probe pilot on the way out. Hopefully the next few days will prove just a lucrative.

Side note: I know I could be making more isk more frequently if I was living in a wormhole. At the moment though a bunch of us are taking a rest from wormhole life. It is more time consuming and stressful and although we're making less isk we're finding it more relaxing atm to be in high sec.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yep, all in all a good evening, and Let and I don't get to fly together all that often.

Oh, and I as quickly mentioned yesterday, there is no "L" in Detorid :))

Letrange said...

-.-; fixed

Kename Fin said...

Heh, the class four with tower and 140 sites. We ran across it as well but sadly on a weekday at a time when no one was going to be around.

I scanned down about 50-60 sigs and initiated warp before I had to go. Tower was named "cba to unanchor" but had 6 of each ewar, 6 small pulse, 6 small beam, 10 medium pulse, 10 medium beam and a couple of other modules. Would have been a nice addition to the collection.

Letrange said...

@kemame LOL