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Thursday, May 27, 2010

All over the place

This post will be quite schizophrenic. A bit like this update. Notes from the trenches:

1) Apparently the new standing mechanics resulted in quite a few "friendly fire... isn't" incidents at starbases as they proceeded to shoot alliance members in the face.

2) 125/250/500mil for a Control Tower blueprint, 25mil-75mil for guns, 50mil for warp scram/warp disruptor/stasis webbifier batteries, 100mil for Mobile Labs etc etc etc. Overall not too bad. Less expensive than I had feared, more than I'd hoped - probably priced just right.

3) Existing NPC seeded starbase modules and what not are reprocessable. This has resulted in sell orders for the Tier 4 PI products. This should prove amusing in the extreme.

4) Still no Control Centers - due to the above, they should have at least released the basic ones... ah well, we'll live.

5) In the good news/bad news departement, neither of the alliance's settled systems got a good mix of planets. The bad news is this means we'll probably go hunting for a 3rd wormhole with intention to possibly shut down one of the two existing ones (bad because everyone else will be doing the same). The good news is that the two existing systems are not going to attract more than the usual occasional attempts to evict us.

6) all 3 of my accounts are skilling up for PI. Looks to be a relatively short haul before the characters are "acceptable PI" and I can switch my main back to his combat plan and the alts onto other alts.

7) Picked up my first capital component BPO. Not however my first capital related BPO - that belongs to some Capital projectile turret BPOs I have owned for a while.

8) Amusing inconsistency of the evening: Large xxx batteries use XL ammo right? So why does their construction only involve a single large turret??? (Across the board inconsistency at least).

9) Quit a few of the POS modules won't need to be ME researched (they are already at "perfect")

10) Looks like there are very few "perfect" systems (one with all resources present)- expect them to be contested.

Some predictions:

Expect high sec ice systems to develop into good pos modules selling spots (pick up towers and pos fuel at same spot).

Something is going to happen with the reprocessing thing - make hay while you can.

The rare resource on lava planets is going to go thru the roof value wise.

Barren, Gas sourced products are going to be common as dirt.

Expect to see an exploration gold rush in wormhole space and some nasty battles over choice systems. Should be "interesting".


Anonymous said...

Your previous thoughts concluded that BPOs 10x unit cost seemed likely. Does this mean that they might be aiming for a market value for these items at 1/10 bpo price ?

A small tower for 12.5M would be nice . . .

Letrange said...

that would be nice - but I don't think so. I think what we're seeing here is the fear that not enough manufacturers would be ready for the demand so they low-balled the isk barrier to entry to make sure that enough manufacturers would be producing these things.

Anonymous said...

Clearly it is vital to have coverage across all planet/materials type. Yet in terms of the importance of the new PI producible materials what planet groupings are the most important?

For example I was looking into POS Fuel production and found that in order to have coverage of all types of POS fuel (at least for Amarr towers) you would need a Plasma & Storm Planet.

Of course you can use more/other planets to get all the materials and increased quantities, but ultimately you only need those 2 types of planets for POS fuel. (Plasma - heavy metals, noble metals, base metals, non-cs crystals | Storm - aqueous liquids, noble gas, ionic solutions)

What would be a decent list of planet types that provide say 80% coverage of materials needed? Since granted there are very few "perfect" systems and I'd like to focus in on finding a system that is "good enough".