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Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm in your wormholes, I'm stealing your sites

Random what I've been doing post.

This weekend saw the alliance back in it's usual operating areas. The two wormhole systems were relatively quiet (read; no major incursions needing the rest of the alliance to go help out). So we were able to get on with our carebear side and get some iskies in the wallet.

Having gotten my 0% tax refines at my current station, it was time to look at more lucrative enterprises than level 4 missions. So I've been scanning local space and scouting out local wormhole connections and seeing what they have. It's been amusing. The two most recent wormholes I've been in to run sites have been inhabited (aka Forcefield up) but obviously I've been lucky and it's been outside of their normal hours. Incidentally, would the alliance "The Revival of the Talolcan Empire" or what ever it's called please explain to your corporations that Missile launchers on a POS are currently FAIL until CCP gets around to fixing the problem... So tempted to call an op...

Anyways after a few combat, mag, radar and even some Bistot later (I was running short of Zydrine), the wallet is much better off. When you're running solo it's better to stick to class 1 and 2. It also seems to be better for the melted nanoribbons count (more dead hulls = better chances of getting melted nanoribbons). Anyways the interesting part here is how relaxing I found it to run sites with a clean d-scan. Being an old hand at wormhole diving and doing it with a purpose built insured battlecruiser (Landing into a situation where the enemy is cloaked up is always a possibility) and an alt for the salvaging/hauling made it rather easy. Although some rust was showing (for two entire sites I had forgotten that Cyclones have drones.... /me facepalms).

I've also been running some high sec sites when I have less time (or I need Tritanium). More for the speed with which they can be done. Send in Assault frigate. Kill everything. As soon as there are no more spawns, send in the alt in a salvager while I go get my covetor. Then once everything is salvaged switch the alt to the hauler and get hauling whatever ore I'm mining.

Friday evening I even managed to get in on the Sansha Wyvern kill. Spent most of the fight going after Dragonflies. Just got in on the kill at the very end. on the bright side at one point in my slasher I had tied up 3 Dragonflies... Nice thing about slashers - just plain hard to hit.

Sunday rolled around and it was time for a weekend roam. This one I decided that I needed to learn how to fly interceptors better. So I had setup some Slashers and some Vigils as the equivalent of interceptors (4030 m/s with the Slasher and 4975 m/s with the Vigil - with T1 throw away fits). The idea is to use the cheap ships while I get up to speed on HOW to fly these before I throw away some Stilettos. I think the roam was 3 BC/C, 1 Stealth bomber and myself in the Slasher. Obviously I was scouting ahead of the rest of the gang.

Not a very successful gang in the sense that we didn't get lucky and engage anything. The first pirates we found were a little to cagey and we were unable to get them in an engage-able situation (safespoting - made me wish I was in my cov-ops). So we decided to head over to Heimatar. Sure enough we found some pirates in and around Offugen and Atlar. A few too many operating in a dispersed patern. i.e. some on both sides of a gate and also on other gates in both systems they had presence in. A few too many to get a successful kill before they got reinforced and wiped us out. Although the rapier was tempting (but would have insta-obliterated me). We ended the roam with a pop up to high sec as two of us had to leave.

So a bit of everything this weekend.

I am disappointed we won't see any planetary interaction for 3 more weeks though.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

1- About soloing C1 and C2: C1 is no prob, but I remember someone telling me my 'Cane should be able to solo C2... wrong! Impossible unless I bring something more expensive which I'm not stupid enough to do. Oh, and drones in Wspace are useless so don't feel to bad about forgetting them. You would've lost 'em.

2- Smells like frig gangs this weekend; good cuz I'll be on! I'd stay off the Slasher because it will pop at a sneaze. Vigil or Rifter if you want to stick to T1.

Letrange said...

@coz: That's why you use a cyclone instead of a cane. cyclone = pve, cane = pvp.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I'll give it a shot... throw me your fit if it's not in the corporation fits.