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Friday, May 21, 2010

I put my hardhat on

Sometimes you just feel like chatting with your friends while sucking down ore. I know that a lot of PvPer's can't get into the Zen-like mindset. But that's cool, different strokes for different folks.

So I log into EVE last night and scan down the local system to see what random chance has brought me. Answer? Not a lot. Just a single high sec encounter sig. So I grab my wolf. I really need to change it's fit one day - it's setup PvP with a passive armor tank and I really should change this to active tank PvE fit based on how I use it more often. And head in.

Humm, first room is kinda empty but ooo shiny, Jaspet and Hedbergite. On I go to the 2nd room. Looks like someone abandoned the chase - wrecks but still some ships up. In I go to kill what's left as my alt starts salvaging the existing wrecks. That done I decide that some mining is needed (more mins in reserve and I may be able to make some spare battleships or sell em for iskies when the PI BPOs come out).

So I get mining in my Covetor. My alt switches to his Iteron V (the trick to not de-spawning sites is to make sure that at least one ship is at/in the site at all times). A few hours later (and some good jawing about upcoming changes and getting caught up on alliance gossip) I have 15k of Hedbergite, 25k of Jaspet and 1.275 mil of Tritanium. The thing to remember of course is that Jaspet and Hedbergite are getting a boost next Tuesday. So don't refine those for now.

Ores that are getting a boost in PI: Jaspet, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Spodumain. Hold of on refining these until Tuesday whey they will result in more minerals. I probably should have mentioned this earlier since I knew it earlier but there you you. This information IS buried in the forums but is hard to find. Next step: keep an eye out for some Nocx and Isogen and build a battleship for sale to make some iskies for buying blue prints come Tuesday.

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