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Monday, May 10, 2010

All over the place

The weekend started early Thursday night. Some intruders (3 tengu and 2 BS from initial reports) had put one of the towers in one of our wormholes into reinforced and shot at another tower.

By the end of Thursday night they had logged off in system (at least 2 of them). This tower was stronted to the max and would come out Saturday at noon local time. Orders were given for a reinforcement op on friday night in preparation for tower defense on Saturday (with various and assorted people salivating at the slight possibility of Tengu kills.

Friday. The reinforcement op went without a hitch. All known enemy pilots were locator agent found and only two were still left in the system. Logistical movement of spare ships was also accomplished and the forces were now in system for the next day.

Saturday. The day started well with a good turnout of pilots. The operation was mostly uneventful and no losses were had on either side. This operation was characterized with decent although not spectacular wormhole control on our side and a lack of mistakes on the opponents side. Various POS owners were critisized for their lack of defenses. Situation rectified (grrr... ya tells em and ya tells em but they don't listen until the get attacked). Both remaining known pilots evacuated without our catching them or them getting a kill.

Biggest mistake? We had wormhole control and failed to use it correctly. When you have control of the wormholes it's possible to weaken it and station sufficient BS forces outside the hole to force a collapse in a single jump. A typical tactic of PvP pilots is to warp to a wormhole and shoot at something before jumping out. The first Tengu employed this tactic against one of hour HICs. Had we gotten on the ball earlier on the fight we would have been able to bottle him up by closing the door in his face while he shot at our HIC. With incoming tackle and dps the situation would have been in our favor rather quickly. The second pilot stayed chill until he was able to egress after the tower was re-stronted and repaired.

End of the weekend: Did some class 1 wormhole diving to build up some isk, blew most of it on a Covetor and Iteron V and fittings. All enemy pilots confirmed out of system and we'll have to wait for the week to see if they had any scout alts left in system.

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