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Monday, May 31, 2010

So, how was your weekend?

After the planetary spin of the deployment of last Tuesday's Tyrannis update, none of our settled systems got "lucky" and had full coverage. Full coverage in the Planetary Interaction sense means that all 15 PI raw materials were available. More problematic of course was the fact that even both systems put together did not get full raw material coverage. So...

We found another system that itself did not have full coverage. It did however provide complementary coverage for our two existing systems. In other words by being in all 3 systems we have all 15 resources available to us as an alliance. When we found it, the system we just settled looked like it was at the tail end of being evacuated. So I spent the weekend settling in. My suspicion is that the prior owner vacated to a "better" system for themselves.

The good news is that with none of them having the right "planet mix" to be a one stop shop, all 3 of our systems are not as attractive to getting thrown out of as they would otherwise be (attacking large POS'es in wormhole space is painful enough if you don't have a serious justification to do so). We're big enough that we need multiple systems anyways, so we can won't have a problem making use of "incomplete" systems, so long as the sum of our systems is complete.

Lets just say that my Orca got a workout this weekend and leave it at that.

In a side note, I seem to have gotten over my burnout since the prospect of settling in a wormhole system did not raise the usual dread. A sure sign that I'm back in the saddle.

On the issue of the wonderful SNAFU CCP has given us. As much as it's THE update fuck up of Tyrannis, in the long run it won't have much impact. Resource producers will get less of a profit bump at the the start of things and the P4 materials that hit the market should be good to bridge the period of time between towers being permanently removed and the production lines coming online.

I will admit to being pleasantly surprised at the affordable nature of the POS and Module BPOs. I was expecting them to be much more in line with the battleship BPOs and Capital ship BPOs (i.e. about 10x targeted item value). This should alleviate a bottleneck to adoption.

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