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Saturday, May 29, 2010

There was a big Kaboom

All POS and probably Sov structures have been removed from the market. And there looks to still be a two week lag before we see even the start of PI resource extraction...

This may be only a temporary measure. This may be permanent. CCP did not post any info on this that I could find. Regardless of whether it's only part of their plan or if it's all of their plan we (capsuleers) have to deal with the fallout.

POSAGEDDON starts today. Good luck all and batten down the hatches, the gun bunnies are about to earn their pay.

EDIT: And POSAGEDDON goes back on hold as CCP Navigator explains that the NPC orders will be restored June 2nd prior to going bye bye for real at some later point.

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Stabs said...

I wonder if they'll be doing something else on June 2nd (perhaps reducing or disabling recycle amounts).

Otherwise you can stockpile a few billion isk worth of components and go straight to making POS without needing the low level PI market at all.

In fact if these products recycle at all it's very likely to be a much better deal to buy them like mad rather than try to make them doing PI for quite some time.

I'm rather scratching my head at how they missed this - surely by now they know that everything in Eve can and will be converted to isk and back.

Ah well whatever happens it will even itself out eventually.