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Monday, May 31, 2010

Smart Bomb This

As I mentioned two posts ago, I'm setting up a new tower. I just got thru setting up the preliminary defenses and the backup guns/combat pos modules (still need to get some hardeners and some ECM modules put down). Just so you can get an idea of how to avoid getting large quantities of your modules smart-bombed out of existence (thus making your attacker's job easier), every single module outside the shields is at least 20km from any other module.

Pls bring smartbombs, k, tks, bai.

Last night, we ended up in a nice high sec island in Derelik. Very calm and relaxing. Got to run the sites, got to anchor all these extra guns and get them loaded. The idea behind backup guns is that as the existing ones are shot out you simply online the extra ones. Or if your attackers only shoot at the online ones, you suddenly appear and online all the rest, dragging out the pain as much as possible.

I took this pic right after anchoring the last of the backup guns. After Wednesday's update I will pickup some spare hardeners and some ECM modules (and spares) and finish off the defenses. Then it'll be time to install all the industrial equipment (*shudder* - 10-30 min per module). I got the hybrid reactor and it's silos installed already. Soon I will be back in the T3 business.


Rixx Javix said...

interesting POS setup, I like it, most of the deathstars tend to have the polar clusters top and bottom, but this is very interesting.

Letrange said...

Yep the problem with the clusters is they are too easy to send in a smart-bombing BS to get a serious DPS boost by nailing 5-10 modules simultaneously with the AOE weapons.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

At LCSC, we put the "death" in Death Star.


Letrange said...

well it's not a full death star... yet... got a bit more to do to it to get to that status.

Unknown said...

This is a bad way to put your guns, as they're so far from the tower that any ship repping them will be vulnerable to attack, especially carriers.

You should distribute them evenly, but at the minimum distance from the shields.

Thus, a smartbombing bs will be able to hit max 2 or lucky 3 modules at a time and will likely be wtfbbqed before he succeeds at anything.