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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Planetary Interaction and you

I think this PI thing is going to turn out to be more interesting than I thought. Think about it. The entire T2 industry depends on starbase towers. Starbase towers are now dependent on PI... Ask yourself "what happens if the major T2 moon goo producers go to war on each others towers"? How fast can those towers be replaced? POS fuel? ex-NPC Materials for T2 manufacture? How large are the stockpiles? How soon will existing stocks get depleted?

I suspect that things are going to get interesting VERY, VERY quickly. For newbies I would suggest that getting into POS fuel production is a safe bet. There are a LOT of towers, they will all need fuel. Admittedly most tower owners will try and make sure they have a sufficiency of supply for themselves. But we'll see what happens.

So? What part of the PI stuff are YOU going to be getting into? Are you even going to try?


Toldain said...

My ambition is to make T2 components and station/outpost components. Don't know if I have the cash investment to really do it though.

As a new player, I'm excited about an industry that I won't be years behind on.

Letrange said...

the good news: you don't need BPOs for your plans. It looks like the investment level is also reasonable.

Calderus Rex said...

Definitely going to try out some POS fuel mfg. We'll see on the rest. Should be interesting!

:) said...

I don't think that PI will have as large an impact as everyone anticipates, at least not for the main reasons people are expecting.

The T2 producers responsible for the bulk of the T2 market have already stockpiled enough NPC goods to mitigate the effects of any short to midterm PI fluctuations. Same goes for most of the towers in empire and 0.0.

The point i'm trying to make is the people that represent the majority of consumption will have already taken PI's impact into account. Its really just an extension of old-money vs new-money mentality. The reason old-money is old-money is because it knows how to avoid market volatility. T2 BPO holders rely on a consistent income, they understand that theres a sweet spot when it comes to how much they produce before they hurt their own profits. Since they're in it longterm, same with people that run large scale POS operations, they not only have the money to stock up on fuel, they probably already have either for the sake of logistics and/or preparedness.

Ultimately, its really only going to affect people that didn't have enough funds to plan ahead, and thus never represented a big enough portion to matter anyways and those getting into the game late.

I do however, think that you may be right about POS towers, because they aren't something you would normally stock up on. I'd be willing to bet that at this point in EVE WH'ers represent a significant chunk of the POS tower consumers and are the ones most likely to be unprepared for PI's effects on NPC fuel. This goes back to my point about old-money vs new-money, where WHers would definitely be considered the "new money" of EVE.

Finally, i'd like to add that i'd expect most of the immediate PI fluctuation is due to people trying to speculate and manipulate the markets for NPC goods before PI can get into full swing.

What are your thoughts on this?

Letrange said...

I disagree about wormhole residents being un-prepared. The ones caught out will be the high sec researchers. On top of that since w-space is the same as 0.0 for PI resources and limited number of people have regular control of a system, I suspect w-space will become a net producer of towers in the long run.

The Metal Worker said...

Great Blog Letrange, always worth reading.

Yes, it is a fantastic wargame, and yes I do believe PI will have a lot interesting side effects. Since anyone can put down factories and extractors I can see some interesting 'denial of resource' attacks once people figure out where their opponents choke points are. The nice thing here is it could also be a local phenomenon. Such as, you have all the planets you need but only one of a certain type and there is your potential vulnerability. Worm holes come to mind as being more susceptible to this.

It might even give the carebears a viable offensive weapon, although of the long, slow, creeping kind.

:) said...

Sorry, to clarify, when I meant that WHers are unprepared I meant more that their planning is still relatively shortterm in comparison to T2 producers. Basically, they aren't going to have as large of stockpiles as some of the other consumers. Most WHers will have at least 2 months of fuel stockpiled, but thats compared to at least 6 months of the more prepared people.

Stabs said...

One of the interesting things about PI is that it seems to be a great opportunity for pirates and wolfpacks.

You pretty much need to be sat in a hauler about a planet while playing in a different screen. Almost as bad as being alt tabbed.

I may go down to Delve in a cloaked Harbinger on day 1 and see how many IT industrialists I can gank.

Anonymous said...

As a wormholer, I can't wait for PI. Although, some people think I was crazy to stockpile a full years supply of NPC POS fuel. We simply do not know if ex-npc fuel can be produced in quantities to satisfy demand at the outset. I'm also predicting that fuel prices will end up somewhat higher, as fuel is a guaranteed seller.

You have been most helpful with the ins and outs of PI, and I thank you.

OkamiKurai said...

DAMMIT I the only one really wishing he was more established in the T2 game?? This will be interesting to be sure - to see in the end how much it matters.

But for right now, I can see Prowlers (transport ships) sellin like hotcakes for a bit.

And here I am broke and with only one (that I can't even #%$@ing fly yet - soon tho)

I wonder what other effects on the market, other than the usual speculation, are to be expected in the beginning of all this...

Letrange said...

Actually most wormholers I know are stockpiling a years worth for their operations....