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Monday, May 3, 2010

A bit of the pew

So this weekend was a weekend of a few small gangs tearing thru lowsec. Nothing major as we simply are wanting to inexpensively get some newbies into PvP and get some rust off of the rest of us. The plan to do this is simple: Small T1 frigate/cruiser gangs until we stop making stupid mistakes. Go for what we can find pirate wise. Since we need to keep our sec status high in order to be able to enter all of high sec at a moments notice, pirates and 0.0 (k or w) are the only places we can get some action against.

On Friday I finally finished getting Republic University up past 6.7 and I now have perfect refines at their stations. What immediately followed was the melting of vast quantities of loot followed by manufacturing of "disposable" hulls. Now that the hulls are built it's a question of fitting them out slowly but surely (at about one hull type a session).

So my blueprint collection is getting a workout. My manufacturing slots are being kept hot by other members of the alliance who also need hulls built. It helps that I have all T1 Cruiser and T1 Frigate hulls covered.

Tally for the weekend:

in on kills: 1 x Phobos, 1 x Taranis, 1 x Hurricane
losses: 1 x Maller, 1 x Thorax, 2 x Rifter

Since the losses were fully insured, the loss column is not as bad as it looks, especially considering the Phobos and Taranis. If you know they are not coming back (we were running 3-4 man gangs all weekend) you might as well fully insure them. Especially at today's mineral prices.

All in all it was a good thing we kept to the inexpensive practice ships. There were plenty of mistakes going round. At one point someone thought they were remote repping me... with their scrambler? That last fight against the Iskur was just fail (3 Rifter vs Iskur). That thing can pack a LOT of drones for such a small ship... More practice is necessary until the techniques improve. I was quite happy with the hurricane engagement out of all the fights. Both the Phobos and the Taranis pilots were idiots. The cane though was a good fight. I managed to keep my Rifter alive thru it's kill before loosing it to the Drake. Vexor x 2, Arbitrator, Rifter vs Hurricane, Drake.

The interesting thing is having gone thru faction warfare and gotten "decent", I can spot where we're doing plenty of mistakes. Need to level up PvP and the only way to do it is to practice, practice, practice.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

One of the problems we have with some newer guys is their overviews showing friendlies. RR in jihads is nice but attracting gate aggro in Low-sec just blows.

I'd really like to meet that Vaga pilot in Geminate again... the who managed to get scrammed/webbed by a Thorax! Pro tip: When flying a Vaga stay more than 15km from anything at all times !!!

Letrange said...

too bad we missed him... Got the Taranis though.

Anonymous said...

I was finally able to make my first roam this weekend with you guys! Tons of fun, I just wished I could have been on more for the others.

I completely agree R5, I'm the perfect litmus test for a "noob PVP'er", thus I'm trying to find info on the proper setup.

Good times nonetheless!

OkamiKurai said...

You know what Letrange?? I am getting sick and tired of your blog posts:

LOOK AT ME - in my multi-zillion ISK Loki tanking ALL THE KNOWN EVE UNIVERSE....

LOOK AT ME - I have all T1 frig and cruiser BPOs. Unlike you, you pitiful, sniveling bitch of an industrialist. GAZE IN AWE OF MY MIGHTY EPEEN!!

Yeah, well, so what if I only have 3 or 4 frig and 2 cruiser BPOs and have to hide in high-sec mining to build my meager goods?? So what if I have a needle E-dick??

(Jealous Bitch rant over ^_^ )

I am actually looking forward to cruisin around lookin for trouble in a Maller myself. I don't QUITE have the skills to fit it like I want though.

Letrange, how much PvP experience do you have (ooops, without giving up any important info to the metagaming masses)?? I thought you had a good deal actually....

Letrange said...

@Okami LOL
(dude it took a HELL of a lot of work to get that bpo collection where it is, I'm glad it's paying off - now I'm left with mostly bpos that cost in the hundreds of millions to billions to buy)
I do have quite a lot of experience FOR A "CAREBEAR". This does not mean I'm perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I make plenty of mistakes. The difference is that I can now see where they are and wince when I make em.