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Friday, May 14, 2010

And CCP blinks

Tyrannis is DELAYED. Looks like someone got cold feet "identified scalability issues". In other words they figured out that the projected adoption rate would not provide enough PI goods to fill the demand of sov warfare...


OkamiKurai said...

....and like many other comments made, I would much rather wait a bit and have them get it right instead of dealing with all the headaches.

I don't know why they can't relax their developement cycle somewhat. Two expansions per year NO MATTER WHAT may not work depending on content.

Toldain said...

"In our regression testing, we have identified scalability issues with the Planetary Interaction feature, which led to code refactoring that then needed further testing before being launched to Tranquility. Planetary Interaction is a unique feature in the sense that it is available to almost all players in the game providing opportunity for manufacturing for the masses, so ensuring that it runs smoothly on our cluster is of great importance to all."

That really sounds to me like the projected adoption rate would lag out a lot of systems, and make cluster performance go to crap. Or maybe it would be too heavy a load on the database.

CCP seems to be quite willing to let prices create interest in stuff like PI.

The thing in the announcement that irritated me was the bit about "unfair advantage" to those who have logged in to SISI.

Thinking about it more, I think it means that they don't want people going to SISI just to find out the new type and resource distribution of all the planets. So they are going to let us have two weeks in which to do scouting. It's not really a terrible thing, I just wish they'd clarified a bit.

Anonymous said...

"In other words they figured out that the projected adoption rate would not provide enough PI goods to fill the demand of sov warfare"

No, I believe that they use the term scalability in the context it was meant for. That being when the system goes under full load on TQ, it will more than likely perform less then optimal.

That's what happens when you only have a peak of 500 players or so testing a new feature at once. Throw 50,000 users at a system and the results are significantly different.

Thorvik said...

Something I haven't seen mentioned in any of the blogs:

Bought 2 new things on SiSi last night:
Gallentean Planetary Vehicle
Planetary Vehicles

Descr: Tracked, wheeled and hver vehicles used within planetary atmosphere for personal and business use.

Produced by Schematics: planetary vehicles
Consumed by Schematics: Integrity Response Drones (which are interesting all to themselves)

Thorvik said...

Bah. Logged in last night to seem them on Tranquility as well. I'm not much of a bear so I must admit I've never seen them before. I asked around but being that we are primarily a pvp alliance, not many people knew much about Planetary vehicles....