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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well, I wanted action...

By now anyone who wanted to know has found out that I'm with the United Freemen Alliance. As you know they are in the Geminate region. Vacated by Goons, moved into by TCF, UFA and KIA, various sources indicated that it would be a relatively active part of 0.0. Lord knows I'm looking for PvP action.

I end up getting my ships down there by way of a scouting corp mate. Took me 2 sessions. Once I get all my ships down there I get in on the defense fleets as quickly as I can. And yep there's action. By the end of the 2nd full session where I'm down in 0.0, I'm already on 4 kill one of which is a Paladin. That was fully faction fit...

After a sedate introduction to alliance ops, the first major action was against a roaming BC gang. That one was not so promising as the roaming gang was extremely good at not getting caught. They ended up not doing a lot of damage but causing a bit of a Benny Hill style runabout. Lack of tacklers and what not on our part was a good part of the problem. No kills but then again, no losses so not too bad.

The second major action involved my PvP BS. This one eventualy involved a short gatecamp on a pipe up to high sec. One of our pilots decided to go switch ships with one he had waiting up in high sec. On his way thru low sec he was agressed by a small gang including an Abaddon, an Armageddon and a Paladin! Alliance policy is NBSI in 0.0 and NRDS in low, but how stupid do you have to be to shoot agress a pilot when there's an entire gate camp one jump away... Lack of situational awareness on the Paladin's small gang FTL. In we jumped. We were sure we'd loose the two other BS before we managed to land on them, but no, the fight was on. Down goes the Paladin. The Abaddon manages to de-aggress and jump up to high sec and safety. The Armageddon goes down in a blaze of fire. My BS is now bloodded.

The third major action involved returning to an alliance outpost and landing on top of a falcon heavy roaming gang that had just bubbled the station. This time I was prety conclusively jammed just about the entire time. Only managed to get on two kill mails this time. But at least the alliance as a whole managed to get some kills and drive them off. I had two Falcons jaming me just about the entire time.

At the end of the action I'm happy with my performance but dis-satisfied with my fit. I realy should have had an RRBS fit for my phoon for this action. Also I'm finding the short range of the AC/Torp Typhoon a bit of a problem with no mobility module. I think I'm going to switch up the fit a bit. Problematic to this is the fact we have no available manufacturing slots for T1 stuff down in 0.0 at the moment. The reasons for this are various but the end result is my BPC collection is collecting dust instead of proving usefull to the alliance atm. We'll see if the ratting is lucrative enought to fund a small manufacturing POS at some point because althought I'm mainly PvP for this stint, there is no reason ratting can't get enought minerals to keep at least some of my manufacturing skills busy while I'm PvP'ing.

So, I'm up in Empire overnight to build myself some Energy Neutralizer and Large Remote Armor repair modules to take down. Not to mention a utility Jeep.

And a wave out to the random pilot who recognized me down there and follows the blog.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Sweet, that didn't take long :) Gratz on the Pally kills, especially the mondo-expensive one (kb link plz).

So how heavy are the roaming gangs out there?