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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Had a friend over.

Not a lot got accomplished last night as I had a guest over for the first part of the evening. Ah well good thing both my main and my alt are on 3-4 day skills at this point. The next 10 1MN Afterburner II's got taken out of the oven.

Played around with a target painting setup on a Bellicose for supporting missile heavy fleets (With good skills twin T2 target painters can come close to doubling the signature radius of any ship they are painting). My current setup is rather classic. T1 650's and Assault missile launchers in the highs, Rack of 8 x Warrior II's in the drone bay. 10mn AB II/Sensor Booster II/2x TP II in the mids, Gyro II, and the Ewar low and Sensor low booster modules (forget what they are of the top of my head). Ends up with 51 optimal and 78 falloff with a targeting range of 117km (targeting range script).

I'm actualy seriously contemplating switching the 650's for T2 280's with tremor (tech 2 650's have PG issues and are not as effective as smalls against frigates in general. Maybe switching the AB for an MWD at that point. Other posibility is switching out the Gyro for a sensor range booster or a trackign booster. This would solidly put this ship in the "Heavier ship support" role with a secondary "anti frigate" role. I am loath to loose the sensor booster or the AB/MWD from the mids. Although 3 TP would be nice the ability to move arround tacticaly and reach out to 117km is rather important to a ship with this one's role (targeting interceptors at the 100mk range will probably cause them to back off or commit to the attack). The combination TP, light missiles and 5x Warrior II's should realy give interceptors a rought time. With the resurgence of frigates in roaming groups this may be a nice support ship for BS or cruiser fleets. Especialy those that are missile heavy.

Any thoughts out there?


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I, being the guest, also played with the Belli fit in EFT on my lunch hour and was thinking the exact same thing for the guns; this ship is not to be a damage dealer anyway, but as it's not meant to be a solo ship that's ok. And yes, even a throw-away Jihad version of this ship woudl also be very useful.

Anonymous said...

The big gotcha to me is the range. Light missiles will not fly fast enough/far enough to hit an orbiting crow. While they certainly do make excellent target painting vehicles I am not sure about the ability for the 650's to track fast enough.

Bahamut said...

The only thing I can offer to this is to use a Rupture instead of a Belli.

Letrange said...

Primary purpose: painting, Bellicose - bonus to painting, Rupture - no bonus to painting.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

If the Belli has that Crow nice and painted you buddies will be able to melt it before you can even blink.

Comparing a Ruppy with a Belli is like comparing a Rifter with a Reaper :))

Anonymous said...

Sounds ok, I'd try get your standard missiles to T2 to use the precision missiles though if you want to take out intys.