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Thursday, January 29, 2009

And back I go down the pipe

Stuff I learned last night:

1) How to flag war-decs on a NPC corp alt. I'd never done this and with 29 jumps to even get to the low sec pipe I didn't want to loose the BS before it even got to 0.0. Turns out you can flag standings on a corp but not on an alliance. So for the corp that wardec'ed us, that was easy. For the alliance I needed to go thru the corps and flag them individualy. I then proceeded with my alt in his trusty Atron to scout my way to the jump off point. A nicely incident free trip.

2) I would probably be better to mark safespots using my Cheetah instead of my Prowler. Nothing untoward happened but I didn't like the fact that although speedy for a hauler it's still half as fast under cloak as the Cheetah. Note to self: make bookmarks BEFORE you need to use them.

3) Myself and the corp want to test out bubble avoidance safespots at some point. One of the ways someone can setup a bubble is in line with the bubble 50-70 (ish) km off a gate but in line with a usual warp in direction (i.e. you line it up with another gate) . Doing this you end up sucking into the bubble anyone who warps in from the direction of the gate you've lined up with. Leaving them unable to warp out and 50-70k from the gate. Rather nice bubbleing trick. So the question becomes: can you setup a warp in point off of the gate - say 200km or so but perpendicular to the line of travel yet still on grid and not get sucked in. The idea being if you can you can warp to the point, check to see if the gate is clear then warp to the gate if so or warp away if not. I can apparently place small T1 bubbles so we'll be able to test this out.

4) Nothing untoward happened but ALWAYS ask POS owner's permission if you can use their POS as a warp-to safespot in case a roaming gang comes through the system you're ratting in. Stories of having to save some carrier pilot from his own alliance's death star are amusing so long as it's not you who are that pilot. I'm not a carrier pilot but the idea applies. POS's are dumb and if not setup correctly will shoot your own side.

There was also a discussion of future plans, which I won't get into, but overall it was a good night. I even managed to get in some light ratting before logging off. I'm liking the current arty ratting Typhoon setup better than the autocannon setup I had before.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Removed 1st one because of stupid typos... me tired a bit!

1- At some point you may want to limit your trips to hi-sec. I got tired of it at a time when hi-sec was 4 jumps away :)

2- *palms forehead vigorously*

3- To answer your question, YES. You want as many tacticals, both on and off grid, on as many gates as possible in 0.0. Again, in the Cheetah or fast frig, not the Prowler.

4- POSes are BAD. Make your own safe spots whenever possible. You can even make extreme deep ones by going to an already deep safe and then having a perma-running frig going straight up or down for a day, say just after a downtime until the next one.

Remember to make many bookmark folders and be careful with the naming or else you will have a complete mess. The good thing is when you'll have a good bunch (like I do in Curse) they'll show up in the menu when you right-click in space.

Fly safe....ish

Anonymous said...

In response to #3, I agree with Cozmik R5. The off the grid tacticals will help when they place bubbles far off the gate (like 100km).

I love my Prowler! Especially for getting out of bubbles. Go to exit the bubble, hit your MWD, hit your cloak and you coast nicely at about 1 - 2km/s for a bit (the MWD cycle finishes while you're cloaked). That's plenty of time for you to get out of the bubble (unless it's something obscene like a T2 large, then you've got a trek ahead of you). I guess that would work for the Cheetah too, if you can fit an MWD on it (would be a really tight fit i would think).

Also, if you're hauling through the BWF gate, use our jump bridges (check alliance mail for locations), they cut out a lot of the dangerous systems. Besides the 0.0 entry point that is. Then you only have lowsec to worry about.