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Monday, January 26, 2009

The alliance tourney

I did not get much done on Sunday. I blame the Alliance tourney. The next day you can see videos of the action posted by CCP on youtube. I would like to congratulate all first round winners. Well done all of you.

I must especially tip my hat to The Bastards for showing "how it should be done" in a quick and decisive slaughter of innocent KIA pilots. I think it was a very clear case of "dedicated small gang PvP pilots" proving that small tight gangs under good leadership with a well thought out plan have an advantage in the Alliance Tournament format. I always suspected that true low sec pirates as opposed to high sec griefers would have a command if not an isk advantage in the tournament format due to their higher familiarity with small gang combat. "What? you mean they can't drop 40 pilots on us for this fight? Score!!!". So hat's off to Mynxee's boys.