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Thursday, January 1, 2009

And once again thanks is owed to Chribba

I get the copies of of my Depleted Uranium S BPO out of the copy slot. And while grabbing the datacores to run off 5 invention runs, I discover that I'm just about out of Molecular Engineering Datacores. Gah! lack of planning rears it's ugly head. As I've mentioned, I've been surviving on the slow acquisition of datacores from exploration and the single research agent I'm able to run for quite a while now. I'm now going to have to plan my Invention jobs with the datacore sourceing planned out ahead of time.

With this in mind, I check my reserves of Rocket Science Datacores. Ok plenty of those for the planned AB and MWD invention. But the Molecular Engineering ones are horribly short. Time to change research at the agent.

One AFK trip in my Jaguar later and I harvest the current Mech Engineering datacores and see if the agent had Molecular Engineering. Nope he doesn't. Problem. I don't want to spend half the morning looking at research agent after research agent trying to find a level 4 research agent that does Molecular Engineering. Enter Eve Agents. If you are a missioner or a researcher or an intel person you NEED to know this site. It's prety much not an option. It saves SO much time it's rediculous. All hail the mighty Chribba - King of Veldspar!

So plugging in Core Complexion and Level 4 and Molecular Engineering, I get exactly one agent. Yikes. In The Forge.... Good thing I'm no longer in FW. So off I go to Itamo. Getting that underway I discover that with my current standings and skills this agent will generate 62.08 RP per day (with 62.08 RP per successful research mission). This works out to 1.24 RP/Day. Which is fine since it'll take 7 more days to get the 10 max run Afterburner I runs I have going out of the oven. And as with previous research I just want to get 5 invention runs done and stockpile the rest of the BPCs for now. This means that I'll have enough datacores to go with my plan by then. Woot!

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