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Thursday, January 1, 2009

All hail Hail S

And the Hail S BPCs come out of the cooker. One more skill and I'll have all 4 Projectile T2 munitions covered. But that will have to wait till a future date. After getting 3 out of 5 successes I'm rather pleased with the Hail. I just put in a small batch to manufacture so that I have a bit of a reserve personally.

I also just got Minmatar Battleship 4. So I'm back on Retail 5. When I get that it'll be to finish off Spaceship Command 5. After that it'll be combat skills for a while. Namely getting all battleship weapon skills to 4: Large Projectiles, Cruise Missiles, Heavy Combat Drones, Sentry Drones, Torpedoes. Once I have that, with my T2 level tanking skills, I'll consider myself at a minimum usable skill level to get into BS PvP (expecting to loose ships) and Level 4 mission running. Once THAT is done it'll be a case of deciding what to go for. More T2 goodness at the cruiser/frigate level or more invention goodness or more BS goodness.

(side note to self - don't forget to get to T2 mining drones at some point in all of that - it would be good if I could invent the things at around the same time I can start using em too.).

Ah the joys of being a Jack of all trades. Always something to skill up. Not looking forward to the 2+ months it will take to get my corp skills to the level where I could get Sovereignty 1 but going to need to do it at some point.

Got a bit of luck and found a quick Radar site using some exploration in high sec. Nothing spectacular but 15mil of decryptors up for sale for a quick run. (took me 1 multiplex, 3 quest scans and straight to 1 sift to find). About 20min of travel, kill and expoit later (Jaguars are so usefull) and that was a nice bit of isk making.

Next time I'll discuss research slot use when in high sec without a tower.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously thinking about coming back to EVE so that I have more of a foothold when ambulation comes.

I've learned from W101 that I actually derive a lot of pleasure from planning as much as the execution. I think I'll post about my reservations soon so I can get some advice from you seasoned players.

Letrange said...

oh yea in EVE the P^6 rule is in full effect. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.