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Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, right, the paperwork...

Still not in 0.0. Need to coordinate the send off of the ships. As is usual in any corp/alliance change there's quite a bit of "paperwork" involved. Joining new forums, getting new chat windows open, signing up for new mailing lists, getting new vent coordinates, etc etc etc... Not to mention coordinating with the carrier/jump freighter pilot that will be doing the hauling.

And if the guys approving your application take a bit to get here, it can take a bit of "hurry up and wait - regardless of the action happening down in 0.0.

So I spent quite a bit of time on my hauler alt tonight. Just for the heck of it I decided to put together a T1 mining frigate (all he could handle mining wise) and a T1 hauler and see what I could do as a newbie miner again. Not horribly efficient compared to my hulk capable main but a good reminder of the limitations that newbies work under. Mind you I've also gotten all my basic certificates applicable and some are even at standard. So this is not totally reflective of a newbie miner. I can survive in a 0.6 system in a Navitas for example without too much of a problem. Gallente Frigate 5 and Gallente Industrial 5 provide certain advantages compared to the raw newbie.

Industrial ships can't be trained on a newbie account, but provide massive boost in early mining capacity by allowing the newbie to stay out mining longer. I do advise however that the newbie use a GSC with a password in a 0.7-0.5 system instead of a jet can. You'll be able to get more ore with a jet can for sure but the increased exposure to griefers makes the whole thing more chancy. So I highly advise GSC mining instead of jetcan mining untill you hit barge level. Humm maybe I'll write a "Newbie Mining guide - or how to avoid heart ache".

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Bahamut said...

A noob mining guide would be AWESOME for the wife. I hope you do that.